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Last week, I put out the call for questions about a specific topic, so on this week’s show we’ll answer the 20 questions you asked about the Disney Cruise Line. From planning to embarkation, dining (of course), Castaway Cay, going solo, best itineraries, the differences between the Magic, Wonder, Dream and Fantasy; the new ships, and much more.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: Have YOU ever been on a Disney Cruise? What did you think? If no, why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #456 – 20 Questions About the Disney Cruise Line”

  1. Will stitt says:

    Thus post is very long so please feel free to read the portions you feel helpful.
    This past February, my wife and I took our two boys (5 and 7) on a 4 night cruise on the Dream, with stops at Nassau and of course Castaway Cay. We all had a fantastic time. Looking back at pictures, I Can’t remember when we all smiled so much. The ship was beyond beautiful and the service was far better than we could have ever hoped for. My wife has a soy allergy which was taken very seriously by the chef and wait staff. Still, even with her allergy, they made sure that she never felt as though she was missing out. Our main waiter Ari, even surprised her with secret special desserts made just for her. The boys loved the newly revamped Oceaneers club with the Millennium Falcon space (but then so did I). It gave my wife and I time to enjoy the adult pool areas and to have a special “date night” at Palo’s”. The chocolate soufflé is still to date the best thing I’ve ever eaten.
    While we all enjoyed Nassau, we all agree that Castaway Cat was our favorite day: bike ride, swimming in the surf, tasty lunch, snorkeling (where I must have swallowed 4 gallons of sea water).
    When people ask me about out cruise I tell them Disney is definitely more expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT. It may take us another 6-7 years before we can afford to go again but we will definitely go.

  2. Bobby Friedman says:

    Thanks for playing my first voicemail last week Lou. Felt great to finally get my voice, interests, and passion out for Walt Disney world for you and your listeners to hear. Will do more in the future, Including views and a live call in from my trip in a few weeks. Love the outro music again, keep it up.

  3. Andrew Prince says:

    Lou and Beci
    I cannot wait to experience my first WDW Radio cruise on the E-Ticket cruise this November!

  4. shelley sandholm says:

    My husband and I have never been on a cruise but if we ever do it will definitely be on a Disney Cruise. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast, am not very familiar with the different cruises.
    Love listening to Becky and you together, really helps me figure out what cruise to go on in a couple of years. We go down to Walt Disney World all the time, but would love to do something different. Maybe even catch a WDW Radio cruise!!!

    Thank you for all you do, love listening to your podcast.

  5. Melissa Truhn says:

    I love your podcasts. I save them to listen on dreary Monday mornings. They are a great way to start my week. That said, Lou, I wish you would dial back the teasing of Becky, especially about her love of some of the higher-end treats Disney has to offer. Some travelers like concierge service and some of us dream of it and enjoy hearing about it. Also, in this podcast the teasing was so lengthy I think you missed the chance to offer more in-depth answers.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. Frankie D says:

    So, where are the “Show Notes” exactly? Lou always mentions that a link or photos will be posted in the show notes, but, I can never find the show notes.

  7. Chuck Zitta says:

    Hey! Hey! My question made it on the show. Thanks for answering guys. The info regarding solo pricing was very helpful. Thanks, Beci. Listening to the WDW solo trip episode a few weeks back gave me the idea, after hearing what Stan Solo had to say, though I’m not quite sure I would be able to pull off the ultimate solo trip like Stan did. Land, then sea, then back to land again. WOW! LOL!!!

    Still waiting for Beci’s “Lou voice” to come out. Can’t wait to hear it :0)

    Snuba? Snuba? LOL!!! Sounds like a mix between a snail and a tuba. LOL! Regardless, love the idea.

    Thanks again for another informative and entertaining show, Lou and Beci!!!

  8. Terri D. says:

    OK, loved the show. You thought of several songs I did not but I would’ve included: Cruisin’ – Smokey Robinson; Boat Drinks – Jimmy Buffett (for Beci of course); Thunder Island – Jay Ferguson and Island Girl – Elton John! And I’ve been watching YouTube videos for Beci so she can perfect (i.e. overdo) the “Lou voice”. Just watch anything relating to “How to Talk like a True New Yorker/New Jerseyites or New Jerseyans — whateva. Just watch them. Maybe watch some Joe Pesci, John Travolta, etc…..

  9. Rebecca says:

    The more I hear about Beci, the more I like her, especially as portrayed by Lou (“I dig it”) in his Miss Piggy voice. Town cars, concierge level and cocktails sans children–Miss Mahnken knows how to travel right!

  10. Hello,
    I will be on the Disney Dream in 2 weeks and I booked an excursion to Atlantis. I would like to know, when the ship ports at Nassau how do we get to Atlantis? Do I have to get a cab or does Disney provide transportation?

    Thank you

  11. Leah Parodi says:

    I too would like to see the Show Notes for #456 but cannot find them. Thanks!

  12. Melanie Pickett says:

    Hey! My questions didn’t make it on the show :-(((
    Anyone have any idea about Hanukkah celebrations on the ships since we’ll be on the Fantasy for the Very Merrytime cruise leaving on Christmas Eve this year?!

  13. Melanie Pickett says:

    Ahhh! Forgot to mention that’s true 1st night of Hanukkah as well!

  14. lmongello says:

    Thank you all for the comments!

    Melissa – Please know that my teasing of Beci is all in fun. She knows that the more I tease, it means the more I love (which means I must REALLY love her, right?).

    Frankie – These are the show notes. Is there something else you need or are looking for?

    Linda – I believe you need to arrange for your own transportation, unless specifically expressed that it is included

    Melanie – I apologize if I didn’t see or get to your question. Where did you post it? I do believe Hanukah services are held daily during the holday

    Thanks again!!

  15. Sandra Schreur Jones says:

    Hi Lou! You asked during the show where we would like to go on a WDW Radio Cruise. We would love to go to Alaska. You mentioned that you might schedule it for June 2018. We were going to go on our own in 2017 but will wait if WDW Radio will definitely go in 2018. My kids do have school in the first week in June so it would have to be sometime in the following weeks. Super excited about the possibility. Sandra

  16. Melanie Pickett says:

    Hey Lou!
    I sent a lengthy email through the website right before you called out for questions. 🙁 Beci answered my question regarding hotels around Port Canaveral and we were wondering abt anything for Hanukkah on the Fantasy. (This is my son’s bar mitzvah celebration too!) We were also wondering about suggestions/tips for staying over at WDW at least a night or 2 on New Years; maybe a good place to see some fireworks with out going into a park?
    Thanks for all you do!

  17. Chandler Bainter says:

    Lou and Becci — I think you’re going to need to have another DCL episode. Please?! There’s a strong chance that my family is going to have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a Disney Cruise in the next year or so. It’ll be our very first cruise and we don’t know exactly what to expect from beginning to end.

    > As a first time cruiser, what kind of Disney cruise should we consider? Your average Castaway Cay or something a little more adventuresome?
    > How early should we arrive at port? (One part of this episode touched on arriving, but I personally am not quite clear)
    > Is it pretty easy to know what to do when we get to port?
    > Do we carry on our own luggage or does that go somewhere else? (No one seemed to carry on their own luggage onto The Love Boat)
    > What happens once we get on board?
    > You touched on a variety of different activities (clubs, shows, activities) on board. Is information available before we get on board so we can sort of start planning ahead?
    > What is included in the cruise price and what are extras?
    > For the newbie — how do meals work?
    > When the ship arrives at the destination, what’s the process for getting off and back on the boat?
    > When the journey is over, what’s the flow for disembarking?
    > What else should a first timer do or know?

    So many questions — so many podcasts! Or can a specialist from MouseFan Travel help me with all this? 🙂