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1. What is the name of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s main building?

  1. Great Ceremonial House
  2. El Centro – Home to the stunning fountain La Fuente de Las Palomas (Fountain of the Doves) and representing the architecture of the old Californian missions, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s  main building also is home to the multiple restaurants, check-in/concierge area and gift shop.
  3. Mi Casa

2. How many villages are located within Coronado Springs Resort?

  1. 3 – The approximately 1,900 rooms are housed in 3 distinct and unique villages. The Casitas village or “Little House” village. The architecture for this urban village is similar to that found in Monterrey, California and Sante Fe, California. The resort’s convention centers and ballrooms can be found here. The second village is the Ranchos and is distinguished by it’s rustic and rural design. Based of the ranch land region of the South West, the buildings here are heavily influenced by pueblo dwellings. The final village is the Cabanas which are styled after the Mexican adobe bungalows and reflect the Mexican coastal regions. The majority of the rooms here have a water view!
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  3. 2

3. How many ballrooms are located at Coronado Springs Resort?

  1. 2Coronado Spring’s Resort features the largest ballroom in the South East! The Coronado Ballroom is the larger of the two with a twenty-three foot high ceiling. The second ballroom is aptly named the Fiesta Ballroom.
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  3. none

4. What is the name of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s main pool?

  1. The Quiet Pool
  2. The Dig Site – Themed to represent the archaeological find of a Mayan Temple in the lost city of Cibola, the Dig Site pool holds over 272,000 gallons of water. The pool is 120′ x 90′ and the area includes a volleyball court, arcade area, poolside bar, hot tub and archaeological dig site play area. The hot tub located at the pool is the largest outdoor hot tub on Walt Disney World property and can hold up to 22 adults at one time.
  3. The Great Temple

5. What is the name of the Mexican temple found in the pool?

  1. Mayan Temple
  2. The Dig
  3. Pyramid of the Sun – At 50 feet high, the Pyramid of the Sun temple at the Dig Site pool is an amazing sight to behold! Hidden behind the temple is a jaguar themed water slide that is 123 feet long and about 16 feet high. Make sure to take some time and really study the hieroglyphics found on the temple, you may find some Hidden Mickeys!

6. What is the name of the man made lake at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort?

  1. Lago Verde
  2. Lago Dorado – At a staggering 15 acres, Lago Dorado is a massive water feature. The walkway that encircles Lago Dorado is called  Espanade and is 1.1 mile!
  3. Aqua Fortuna

*Another interesting trivia tidbit: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is named after the European explorer Francisco de Coronado.


(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons: Michael Gray Coronado Springs Pool/license)

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