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You might think I love World Showcase because it is a veritable buffet of flavors along a 1.2 mile long promenade. Actually, it is because each pavilion is a gateway to an opportunity to learn, understand… and yes, eat your way through rich histories of cultures you might not otherwise be exposed to. This week, I am drawn to my favorite pavilion in Epcot – Japan. Together, we will not only explore the details of the pavilion, but our Top 10 Things We Love About Japan. And no… they aren’t all centered around food. Well, not all of them.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is YOUR favorite location, detail, story, or food item in Japan in Epcot? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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11 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #459 – Top Ten Things We Love About Epcot’s Japan Pavilion”

  1. Timothy Martin says:

    Great show as always with Lou and Timmy! Had a chance to try some saki last time I visited and did enjoy the glass can’t wait to get back !

  2. Sarah says:

    Mitsukoshi is our favorite stop for Studio Ghibli gear!

  3. William Foster says:

    Great show. Don’t always get back to the gallery, now I need to make sure I do on each trip! Sadly, Agent P forced me to do more exploring in Japan that I had previously. We also explored quite a bit waiting on a TE reservation. I’m with you, I could eat there anytime (though the Nemo gag with the shrimp gets a little old after the 4th or 5th time….)

  4. Chuck Zitta says:

    Can honestly say, I didn’t realize there was a sake bar in the back of the store! Will have to research it next time down. Oh yeah! You are correct. I believe Tim was in the FIRST live dining review. Which was at Mama Melrose. I thought it was a pretty cool show. Dug the looseness of it and the fact that you hadn’t quite yet set up a format for the live dining reviews. Having such a diverse array of guests (personalities) really gave it a special vibe as well. I guess Tim is overdue for another dining review, eh?

    I always enjoy the gallery in the back left area of the Japan pavilion. My favorite, was the tin toy exhibit. The retro vibe of tin toys really speaks to the inner child in me. Very impressed that food was not a topic of discussion (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). Hats off to both of you!

    Thanks again Lou and Tim, for another fabulous show!!!

  5. Chuck Zitta says:

    Not sure the comments I posted earlier today from work went through, so I’m posting again.

    I believe you were correct, Lou. Tim was on your FIRST live dining review, which was at Mama Melrose. Love that episode. So I’d say he is definitely overdue for another dining review. LOL! But it needs to be on property Tim. No Golden Coral or Cracker Barrel, please.

    One of my favorite features of the Japan pavilion would have to be the gallery. And in particular, I really enjoyed the tin toys exhibit. Not sure what it is, but those toys really speak to my inner child. I’ve always been, and still am fascinated with these moving metal works of art.

    Finally, I’d like to mention how impressed I am that you did not put any of the places to eat in Japan on your lists. Simply amazing. That had to be hard. Especially for a foodie like You, Lou. LOL!

    Thanks again for another fabulous show, Lou and Tim!!!

  6. Sha-Marie says:

    I loved this show and I can not wait to try my flight of Saki on my honeymoon in June. Really hope that you will be doing a meetup during that time. June 7-14th;)

  7. Monica A. says:

    Aw… Tim Foster and Lou together again for another top ten(ish)! You were much nicer to my favorite top tanner this week and the over all tone was much different. Me thinks you read my comment a couple of podcasts ago? Always a pleasure to listen to all of your Disney musings while I work in my cubicle. Longer the podcast the better for this reason. Keep up the interesting topics and thank you for a little magic to get through my work day!

  8. claire cas says:

    Great show, as always. We adore the Japanese pavilion, and particularly the dining options (Katsura Grill)!
    One thing you didn’t mention was what an excellent spot the balcony by Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo is for getting a great view of Illuminations – we try to have dinner around 7-7.30pm and then perfect for nipping out onto the balcony at 9.
    Lou – why have you not done audio walking tours of every pavilion around World Showcase?? Please do this!

  9. Renee says:

    My dad and I loved the sake bar! I brought a bottle home. Have brought my husband a few times since and we still have our souvenir cups!

  10. Arthur Allen says:

    Despite the huge Asian presence here in Seattle, the store in the Japan pavilion had something I hadn’t seen in years, and that was the Meji strawberry Chocorooms and Chococones. I bought some not to eat right away, but to save for later. Unfortunately, we had planned to upgrade our accommodations that week, and move from Pop Century to Port Orleans Riverside, and that meant parking the car in the middle of the day in the Magic Kingdom lot with all our stuff inside. I tried to insulate the candy inside clothes, but it melted anyway. Or it certainly felt melted still sealed up in their packages. I tried to reconstitute them in the fridge, but we couldn’t get the fridge to work for long, because, it turned out, it was plugged into a lamp outlet that shut it off every time we turned off the lights. I’m thinking about this now because Daiso now has the strawberry candy again, so I’m happy.

  11. Duncan McPherson says:

    Japan is my favorite place 🙂 I was an exchange student to Japan in 1990 and every time I go I can still use the Japanese I learned during my time there and the cast members love it 🙂 and the food is soooooo good too 🙂