To celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday this week, here are the Top Ten WDW Radio Episodes About Walt Disney (and then me know what is YOUR favorite show!)

  1. WDW Radio # 501 – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Walt Disney

  2. WDW Radio # 319 – Taking Walt to WDW: Top Ten Places We Would Take Walt Disney in Walt Disney World

  3. WDW Radio # 298 – Finding Walt…in Walt Disney World

  4. WDW Radio # 140 – One Man’s Dream Tour

  5. WDW Radio # 261 – Walt Disney and the Oscars

  6. WDW Radio # 284 – DSI: Christmas in July: It’s a Wonderful Shop & Stories of Walt Disney

  7. WDW Radio # 315 – Disney and The Wizard of Oz: History, Stories, and more!

  8. WDW Radio # 190 – The Vault of Walt

  9. WDW Radio # 323 – Walt Disney Family Museum Review and Event Recap

  10. WDW Radio # 417 – 5 Best Books About Walt Disney


Bonus: WDW Radio # 418 -Interview and panel discussion about the PBS documentary, Walt Disney: An American Experience

What’s YOUR favorite episode and why?




1 thought on “Top Ten WDW Radio Disney Podcasts About Walt Disney”

  1. Gavin Brown says:

    Dearest Lou.

    You asked what is my favorite episode of the WDW Radio show, it is the show you interviewed Dame July Andrews, it gave great insight into her involvement with Walt and just to here her say “Oh Lou” in a real royal voice unlike your impression of Becci, which by the way is hilarious.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Gavin Brown.

    Edinburgh Scotland.