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Happy New Year! Join me around the table as we look back the 2016 Walt Disney World Year in Review. We’ll travel through the parks and resorts (and beyond), and look back at the what was gained, what was lost, events, announcements, memories and more. And of course, I want to hear from YOU, as you share your memories from Walt Disney World in 2016 as well.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is YOUR favorite Disney memory 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments below or by calling the voicemail at 407-900-9391!


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Thanks to Beci Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel, Luke Lawson, Jennifer Kaufman, and Jeff Knoll for joining me this week!

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6 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #470 – 2016 Walt Disney World Year in Review”

  1. Wayne Barczynski says:

    Lou, this was my first visit to Disney World this year and I was blown away! It made me feel like a kid again and I actually shed tears many times. I stayed at Kidani Village with a safari view which was incredible! All four parks were great in their own way but if I were to pick a favorite it would be Magic Kingdom. All I know is that I need to go back and get that feeling back again! If I had a wish it would be to live near Disney World and visit every weekend!

  2. Ronald Havens says:

    I was blessed enough to be able to go to WDW twice in one year for the first time in 2016. For my birthday in September, I got to take my first solo trip to The World. I took in the Halloween Party one night and then spent the next day, my birthday, in the Magic Kingdom.

    In March, my wife and I took a family trip with my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. It was the 4 year old’s first visit ever. I found myself tearing up many many times during the trip but none more so than when she met Minnie for the first time. She insisted that my wife go with her and show her Nana’s nails which were painted red with white polka dots just like Minnie’s dress.

    It was also during that trip that we found out we were going to be grandparents again. The news was announced to us when my granddaughter greeted us one morning wearing a shirt that read, “I’m Going To Be A Big Sister”. Our grandson was born in October.

    Memories from 2016 in WDW that will be part of our family history forever.

    Ron Havens

  3. Fred says:

    A great episode and assembled guests! My memories of Disney trips actually begin on a massive 3 week vacation in 1979 to Disneyland with my extended family. The trip was to be outdone though when I visited Disney World for the first time in 1982 just shortly before EPCOT opened. Both trips sparked my love for all things Disney as I experienced so many unique things that you couldn’t find at other parks at that time and since. My fondest memory was one of my Mom and I standing on Main Street having an ice cream. It had been almost five years since the passing of my Dad and my Mom said “Your Dad would love it here”. So many memories have been created since as I have traveled there many times with and without family. It really is an amazing place that makes it so easy to create great memories you keep with you always. Sadly though….there are almost NO photos of those trips!

    Happy New Year to you Lou and to the ‘Nation’!!

  4. Chuck Zitta says:

    My favorite Disney memory for 2016 is a humble one. My oldest son, who’s almost 20 now, created a piece of wall art, which included a rendering of Steamboat Willy Mickey. It was his Christmas gift to me. To say the least, it’s already proudly displayed on the wall in my man/nerd cave. To be fair, my younger son also made me a very memorable gift for Christmas – an elephant he created using a 3D printer.

    I must add, sharing, Moana, Fantastic Beasts (not Disney, but still very good) and Rogue 1 with both my boys during the Holidays was also a special memory for me.

    I always enjoy the round table discussions and listening to all the guests stories. You too Beci. LOL!

    Thanks again for another entertaining show, Lou and guests!!!

  5. Curtis says:

    This last year I took my wife and two children in February. It was my wife’s and children’s first time. Growing up, I loved going to Disney, but now I can honestly say that going to Disney as a parent and seeing the eyes of my children light up with excitement is one of the most amazing and magical things in the world. My wife fell in love with the parks and now we are planning a trip for next month. It will be our first time staying in a Disney resort and our first time going to the parks for 4 days! 2016 was awesome but 2017 will be even better!
    To answer your question, my best memory from 2016 was watching the Dream Along With Mickey show with my daughter (who was 2 at the time). I had been showing it to her for several months to get her used to the costumed characters, so she started learning the songs. When she was watching it live she just started singing along with Mickey and the gang at the top of her lungs. Words cannot describe how happy she looked and how emotional I felt!

  6. Molly says:

    I loved this show and thanks to all who participated! My whole family (with ages ranging from 2 months to 63 years) went to WDW in September, and we would agree that in reflecting on what was new in 2016, the Frozen ride exceeded all of our expectations. We all loved Soarin around the world AND the impact of the new theater on the wait times! Rivers of light wasn’t operating during our stay, but we checked out the viewing area and stayed in animal kingdom until park close at 9 pm which gave us a ton of excitement about what is coming soon.

    We are frequent WDW vacationers, and there were a few changes to our trip this year that we had not predicted that led to a lot of disappointment in our group. When you said, “what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I talk about 2016?”, I went straight to the Main Street Electrical Parade running for the last time. We were present for one of its final Saturday night runs, and a lot of excited locals and pass holders who crowded MK in order to see it one last time made this a real experience to remember. However, we are now totally panicking over the lack of a night parade or even rumors (at least ones that we are aware of) of what’s to come in its place!!

    With 5 children 3 and under in our group, we were also pretty bummed at the number of character greetings that closed in 2016, specifically Pooh and Tigger in the U.K. and Sulley in HS. Again, we are hoping that there will be some solid new experiences rolling out when the Hollywood Studios refurbishments are completed.

    And our final heart break of 2016 was the departure of the breakfast pizza from Chef Mickeys. We asked the chefs, waitresses, and hostesses what happened to the egg and cheese breakfast pizza and why, and were only able to get confirmation that it would no longer be on the menu.