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Sitting in the shadow of the monorail and magnificent Mary Blair mural at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a true hidden gem of Walt Disney World dining experiences, the Contempo Cafe. While it may appear as a quick option primarily for hotel guests, it instead might surprise you with its diverse (and delicious) menu, unique mix of counter and table-service amenities, and a view unlike any other. So please join me around the table for our LIVE dining review.

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9 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #472 – Contempo Cafe Live Dining Review”

  1. Matt Rankin says:

    Great show. Love your family restaurant reviews.
    I have never tried Contempo Cafe but will certainly add it to the list!

  2. Chuck Zitta says:

    First of all, WELCOME to the NATION, Beci!

    We’ve been through the Contemporary via the Monorail, but we’ve never stopped and eaten at the Contempo Cafe. The menu sounds surprisingly impressive. Wish I could have joined you to give some feedback on the Ahi Tuna or Salmon. That’s my kind of “healthy” food. Though EVERYTHING else sounds pretty darn tasty as well, including the peanut butter pie. Oh yeah!

    Make sure you keep working on mozzarella, Lou. You’re still missing the ‘la’. If you need to, I’m sure Beci could help you with that, or perhaps you can go back and reference episode 458 (Tutto Gusto Live Review)? LOL!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, the Contempo Cafe sounds incredible. We may have to check it out for a casual meal on our next visit.

    Thanks again for another incredibly appetizing show, Lou, Deanna, Marianne and Nicholas!!!

  3. Wendy McCoy says:

    I love all of your dining reviews!”Also the answer of course is Turkey and its from Carousel of Progress!

  4. Craig S. says:

    My daughter and I ate there in October. Had a busy morning at The Studios, then just wanted to relax. Hopped on the monorail for a slow trip to the Contemporary (‘monorail traffic’), but finally made it to the Contempo.

    We chose it for the relaxing atmosphere away from any crowd (and there was zero line at about 1pm on a Tuesday), and their menu selection – I can’t remember what it was my daughter was quite interested in via their posted menu on My Disney Experience, but they didn’t have it. Regardless, they did have several other very healthy choices, and she surprised me by getting a huge fruit and veggie platter with kale chips, etc. We don’t do greasy fast foods, but we had been challenged to find anything else easily in any of the parks.
    [Lou – I’m content NOT indulging in one of your highly recommended turkey legs!]

    We enjoyed the relatively quite monorails as they added a unique element to the atmosphere, followed by a 10 minute walk over to the MK to continue our busy day.

    So, highly recommended if you have time to step out of the parks for a breather. It served us perfectly.

  5. Ann says:

    We ate at the Contempo on our Christmas 2014 trip – I remember the food was pretty good, but nothing impressive. It sounds like they’ve really overhauled the menu, though!

  6. Tom Berowski says:

    During our last stay at Bay Lake, we got flatbreads several afternoons and took them back to Bay Lake to eat on our marina facing balcony as a pre-dinner appetizer. We thought they were wonderful. For the veterans among us though, we were heartbroken when Concourse Steakhouse was replaced by Contempo Café.

  7. Andrew Prince says:

    Awesome show Lou and Family. I am also a sweet-loving guy like your kids! What’s wrong with desert first? 🙂

  8. Megann Eichner says:

    We loved the podcast! Contempo Cafe has always been one of our favorites! The new menu is impressive. We ate there a couple of times this week because we are staying at Bay Lake Tower. You should have gotten the pot roast grilled cheese on brioche! It is sooooo good!

  9. Ed Charbonnet says:

    The first show I have listened to in our new residence. The review sounded soo good, I got hungry just listening. Good job Mongellos!