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74 thoughts on “D23 Expo LIVE from the show floor!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I kinda feel like this weekend has been like a family reunion…but one I want to be at!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How come some people in the chat have thumbs and some don’t?

  3. Anonymous says:

    It has been a whirlwind Niki!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Marnie, it’s a slow process unfortunately. Probably looking at a cornea transplant eventually. My second one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can everyone see?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I heard all the new exciting stuff about Epcot, but did I miss anything on figment?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh I know Judy!!! I’m not even there but so emotionally drained! lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear that Lisa. Painful I’m sure. Hang in there!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I see but it froze

  10. Anonymous says:

    So what are the surprises? I didn’t know about the new DVC hotel but I hope anyone can stay there. The rooftop restaurant should be awesome.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I cannot Cory, but I have been black screened all day 🙁

  12. Anonymous says:

    Broadcastus Interuptus

  13. Anonymous says:

    Judy Pavarini, it doesn’t show the thumb for your own comments. Everyone else should have one.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just a still pic

  15. Anonymous says:

    Picture but frozen

  16. Ryan Butler says:

    I’m always frozen!!! I’m the jinx

  17. live feed interupted here

  18. Stan Solo says:

    Will no mention of Figment at all.

  19. Christi, no, some people don’t for me.

  20. Lisa Simons says:

    @Marnie: yes. It’s better today but not fully healed yet. I have to take it easy looking at screens, which is hard.

  21. Melody Vilt says:

    Ya – no mention of figment – surprising. He’s kind of the food and Garden mascot

  22. Says the same on ours

  23. Sammie Kay says:

    looks like jeff is the guest =)

  24. Oh yes, for sure Lisa!! I had Lasik surgery last year, and while not the same, I remember for a while how hard it was to look at the monitors.

  25. Did I miss the WDW Radio Nation get together?

  26. Melody Vilt says:

    Food and Garden – LOL – you know why I go. I meant Flower and Garden

  27. Lisa Simons, do you have a corneal condition? I have Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration… 3 weeks out from surgery now. Much better!

  28. VIDEO INTERRUPTED here. anyone else?

  29. Stan Solo says:

    I’ve got nothing is he on?

  30. Martyns here! We can start now.

  31. Me too…nothing here yet

  32. Jamey Wright says:

    Yep me too froze up ,, have been

  33. Lisa Simons says:

    @Christi: yes. I had a transplant 20+ years ago but it’s failing. I need another

  34. Melody Vilt says:

    Frozen picture – no video or audio

  35. I’ve got a Frozen screen.

  36. Brian Harvey says:

    Same in Florida…….nothing

  37. I stream for 4-5 seconds and ‘broadcast interrupted ‘

  38. Frozen screenhere

  39. We need a Disney Universe in California Valley, San Luis Obispo County, California. It is between the SF & the LA area.

  40. Lou, let it go…it’s Frozen lol

  41. @Lisa… so sorry. Screens are horrible, even with brightness all teh way down!

  42. Martyn, some people are worth melting for.

  43. The video is not working for me. Is it working for others?

  44. Erin King says:

    Hey there Martyn

  45. Lisa Simons says:

    @Christi: yes, super sensitive to light. I work in a call center doing data entry. Not good.

  46. Alex Maher says:

    Is Lou live again?

  47. Jamey Wright says:

    No video froze up

  48. So I missed the news on the Star wars hotel… WDW or land? And any idea on an opening date?

  49. No Edward. So we’re just hanging out

  50. No video here… “Broadcast interrupted”

  51. Jamey Wright says:

    My video is froze.

  52. @Lisa Bless you. Web/graphic design & fine art here. Terrible with bad eyes!!

  53. @Bryce SW hotel will be at WDW