/ Sunday, July 16th, 2017
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Let’s try this again! LIVE from D23 Expo Day 3!



54 thoughts on “Let’s try this again! LIVE from D23 Expo Day 3!”

  1. Jim Kenney says:

    Is that Nicholas???

  2. After you left Stan we lost the feed because the tablet died haha

  3. Is the feed down?

  4. Jeremy Saada says:

    And it lights up!

  5. Stan Solo says:

    It’s working great here John.

  6. Stan, so much for that nap, eh??!!

  7. Stan Solo says:

    The 1rst one was nicer.

  8. All I see is Live and total black and silence

  9. @John did you try refreshing?

  10. John, many resets later I got it back lol

  11. Stan Solo says:

    Michael, yea I closed my eyes for 2 seconds then went and got something to eat, when I came back Lou was on.

  12. What are these little things? Key chains?

  13. Ha! Stan!! Oh well.

  14. Jim Kenney says:

    How do you survive standing on the convention floors for three days?

  15. We need a Disney Universe in California, San Luis Obispo County, California.

  16. Ok gang …see ya real soon lol

  17. Very inexpensive land

  18. Stan Solo says:

    😴😴 7 minute nap.

  19. Be back after the break

  20. freebees!!! woo hoo

  21. Between LA and SF

  22. Squirt but good squirt

  23. Jeremy Saada says:

    I’m Mary Poppins Yall!

  24. Admiral Thrawn meets Umpaloompa

  25. Wow That’s a cool blue MP

  26. #d23live. i’m exhausted and i’m only watching😏

  27. Ken Stigen says:

    I saw you Ida Williamson

  28. Any Star Wars announcements? Trailers??

  29. Watching playback of the parks and resorts panel has further fanned the flame I have deep within to do something Disney with my life thank you

  30. Alex Maher says:

    just checking to see if this is live!