/ Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Hey readers! Aly Miller from San Antonio, Texas here with another great question from Lou’s Inbox.  As an annual passholder myself, I wondered the same thing when I was considering the investment.  Hope you enjoy!  Jeff writes:

“I and the kids have four day standard tickets and can make Fastpass+ reservations, but my mother is going back next winter and purchased an annual pass voucher. Do we have to wait till she redeems it the day we are going in parks to make Fastpass+ reservations together? Appreciate the help. Love the Podcast and 102 Ways to Save. Keep up the good work!  -Jeff”

Hey Jeff!  Great question – tickets and Fastpass+ reservations can be tricky!  In this case, since your mother has purchased her AP, she will be eligible for Fastpass+ reservations 30 days out.  If she is listed on an on-site hotel reservation with you and your family, she will be eligible at the 60-day mark from check-in just like any other guest.  The Annual Pass DOES NOT have to be activated; however, it DOES have to be linked to her My Disney Experience account, and that account must share planning with you to be able to make her FastPass+ (and dining) reservations.  If you have been able to do that in the past, nothing has changed and you will still be able to do so.  If she has questions about making sure her pass is linked to her My Disney Experience profile, it is visible online or she can call Disney.  As a side note, your mother’s annual pass renewal date will be set the first time she uses it to enter a park, not the date she purchased the voucher or when you first begin planning and making reservations.  Hope this information helps and that you and your family have a magical trip!


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