/ Sunday, July 16th, 2017
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59 thoughts on “More from the floor of D23 Expo Live!”

  1. Show us the food options in the convention center

  2. Stan Solo says:

    Quincy I could make a large clock lol.

  3. Think there is a stream delay from our chat?

  4. Sammie Kay says:

    oh no the video stopped.anyone else?

  5. Shouldn’t have spoke of the ‘stream’

  6. Hey Stan, I’m working on a build of a old school Ghostbusters Proton Pack!!

  7. Stan Solo says:

    When my iPad goes quite…it’s not a good sound.

  8. Helen Browne says:

    Maybe Cory is getting ready to move us?

  9. Sammie Kay says:

    a proton pack?! soo cool

  10. Put some money in the meter

  11. Sammie Kay says:

    I hope he is gonna movie us soon

  12. Please stay seated in your doom buggies

  13. Jill McCann says:

    Oops who tripped over the wire

  14. Helen Browne says:

    *Playful spooks have interrupted our ride*

  15. I love that everyone is slap happy after a weekend of this!! 🀣

  16. Niki Keller says:

    We are having quite the storm here

  17. We want anyone on here ..it’s dead Jim

  18. Looks like Brer Fox and Brer Bear are causin some kinda commotion downstream….

  19. Yea Ricky, scary thing is she kinda looks like my ex!

  20. Shift yer cargo dearie

  21. …please stay in your boats while we take care of things…

  22. Niki Keller says:

    Ahhh, we must be in the Norway Pavilion

  23. Erin King says:

    Cause they are Frozen

  24. Jill McCann says:

    Has everyone got their arms and legs within their vehicles

  25. Or in Animal Kingdom..climb up a poll for a better signal Cory

  26. Everybody ready your Selfie Sticks!

  27. Do you think Cory is frantically looking for wires and wifi passwords, or just walking around with us?

  28. Niki Keller says:

    Every single time we get to about the 10th people or closer Frozen Ever After goes down

  29. Niki Keller says:

    Why did my post just post twice

  30. Mine did too, but I only see a single post of yours

  31. Niki Keller says:

    Now I’m twilight zone tower of terror

  32. Helen Browne says:

    Cory Bassett – save us!!!

  33. Who disturbs my slumber?

  34. Niki Keller says:

    Screen shot Ricky, and they later photoshop little talk bubbles over their heads

  35. Mama, don’t whupp Little Buford…

  36. Niki Keller says:

    Screenshot Ricky and then photoshop in little talking bubbles with fun banter

  37. Helen Browne says:

    I now have a vision of Cory walking us around and chatting to us whilst we are stuck in a silent box

  38. Kevin Lin says:

    Refresh the psge

  39. Helen, you have live video again?

  40. Kevin Lin says:

    I have live video, but is choppy at times

  41. Niki Keller says:

    Ok, so if we were Schrodinger’s cat, are we now alive and dead?

  42. Kevin Lin says:

    We can see you guys πŸ™‚ who wouldn’t want to Cory? Thnx for the tour. (Hope to still get my hand on the green Mickey balloon before they pop it)

  43. Rip George a. Romero

  44. I’ve got video but no sound now