/ Sunday, July 16th, 2017
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Watch and join us LIVE ⭕ in the booth at #D23Expo for discussion, interviews, contests and more! Share and Use #D23ExpoLIVE



53 thoughts on “Watch and join us LIVE ⭕ in the booth at #D23Expo for discussion, interviews, contests and more! Share and Use #D23ExpoLIVE”

  1. Just saw the new Fantasmic show video from last night. OMG, the special effects, projection show and brilliant new colors are incredible.

  2. Brothers! With a pond in between us lol

  3. Worst thing they ever did to Epcot center was putting up that stupid wand arm over sw for 1999

  4. I’ll volunteer to help test out the Star Wars hotel. You know research purposes.

  5. Jason Rucker says:

    Star wars hotel will be awesome. Any timeline on when it will be open??

  6. Love seeing those green Mickey balloons.

  7. I want to be a caricature artist drawing people as star wars characters in the sw hotel or galaxy’s edge

  8. Who all from NOLA in tonight?

  9. Hey Darlene Zalikowski Nagi!!

  10. Paul Broadus says:

    Hey Ricky Dj Technoid Reed

  11. Stan Solo says:

    Jason no details on the timeline has been released.

  12. Lucy Stewart says:

    Any questions for Jeffrey?

  13. Jill McCann says:

    Kids settled again. Missing loads today.

  14. Art of marvel hotel can’t wait

  15. Miss his podcasts!!!

  16. Ricky asked about One Man’s Dream.

  17. Erin King says:

    ATL in the house

  18. Brian Harvey says:

    Any plans to release song of the south

  19. Stan Solo says:

    Does Jeff want to join us on the Alaska cruise?

  20. Jamey Wright says:

    Was it fun being the official Disney geek from your videos?

  21. that was Stan I think.. but I mentioned a Walt Disney Night Time Parade for MK, all about Walt.

  22. Any chance the videos will return… pretty please

  23. Oops. Got my handsome guys mixed up.

  24. Stan Solo says:

    It was me but he won’t ask a what does the future hold questions.

  25. Jason Rucker says:

    Brian Harvey went to the theater as a kid and seen song of the south. Would love to own it on DVD

  26. Question: would you please reinstate another ticket option like the first expo, to get guaranteed seats at a panel? ( not sorcerer) Or to allow booking of your stage pass online before the event for a fee?

  27. Is dl fantasmic different the wdw one?

  28. Judy, you were thinking of me, right? 🙂

  29. Really excited about the Main Street Theater at WDW… any ideas what show might go there?

  30. Thanks Cory..video and sound are brill m8y

  31. Lisa Halsall says:

    Lou- I love all the feels you openly share with us. I’m so glad I stumbled across your podcast last year.

  32. Of course, Richard 😍

  33. Stan Solo says:


  34. Yea! Good interview!!!

  35. Lisa Halsall says:

    Thank you, Jeffery for all you do!!!

  36. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  37. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  38. Cory — thanks for hooking us up!

  39. Helen Browne says:

    I want Jeffrey’s job

  40. I saw Justin Scarred and Adam The Woo hanging around our booth on video from yesterday

  41. Sammie Kay says:

    oh man i missed adam and justin. bummer! love those guys