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In celebration of Epcot’s 35th Anniversary, WDW Radio Blog writers are sharing their thoughts, memories and experiences from one of Disney’s most iconic theme parks.

Picture from Flickr Creative Commons: Jonathan – A Beautiful Day for a Showcase Some Rights Reserved

Memory is a tricky thing. My older sister has a memory like an elephant – she remembers everything!  As for myself, my memory is like a sieve. I have a difficult time remember the events of the previous week. However, one of my most vivid Walt Disney World memories comes from a family vacation taken while I was in grade school. During this particular trip, my parents purchased my older sister and me our own Epcot World Showcase Passport – a passport that turned into a magical journey around the world that I treasure to this day.

As we traveled around the pavilions in World Showcase, seeking out the special Cast Member to stamp our passports, I was absolutely enthralled by the unique countries. At a point in my childhood when my imagination was vivid and wild, it was easy for me to be engulfed in the story of each country. In the matter of a few days, I was a tourist browsing the wares of Mexican folk artists underneath a twilight sky, a towns person visiting an artisanal German gummy bear store in the platz, and an adventurer exploring the dark cold Canadian mines.

It would be years before I realized that this ultimate suspension of disbelief was lovingly created by the Disney Imagineers. A large group of dedicated creative minds who labored over color choices, music selections, horticulture, and other atmospheric elements to ensure that each guest experienced a special journey. I still have my original World Showcase Passport and like myself these twenty or so years later, it is a little worn and faded in some spots. However, I like to think that each time I think about or visit World Showcase it is with the eyes of my seven year old self.

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(Picture from Flickr Creative Commons: Jonathan – A Beautiful Day for a Showcase Some Rights Reserved, license)


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