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Flickr Creative Commons copyright Jonathan "Palms and Buildings - WDW 2008"For me, the Morocco pavilion has been like a fine wine – getting better with age. In this case, it would be my age, not the pavilion’s. As an elementary school aged child, I remember not being impressed with the Morocco pavilion – not like I was with the Japan pavilion. To me, my first impressions of the Morocco pavilion were that there wasn’t a lot to look at and there was nothing there I liked to eat. Boy was I wrong! As I’ve matured I’ve learned to truly appreciate the intricate craftsmanship found at the Morocco pavilion, the beautiful working agricultural display, and the amazing secrets waiting to be discovered in the twisting alleys. I even have gone out of my comfort zone and tasted many new flavors at what is now one of my favorite eateries in Epcot, Restaurant  Marrakesh.  I hope that as you explore the Morocco pavilion, you allow yourself to have an adventure. Look down those alleys, open doors to find hidden exhibits, listen to the environment around you, and most of all get those taste buds ready for some delicious food!



1. What year did Epcot’s Morocco pavilion open to the public?

  1. 1983
  2. 1984
  3. 1985


2. The World Showcase’s Morocco pavilion is divided into how many different sections?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. None


3. True or False: Only one minaret, or prayer tower, can be found in the Morocco pavilion.


4. How many tons of handcrafted and hand cut tiles adorn the Morocco pavilion?

  1. 10 tons
  2. 9 tons
  3. The tile is fabricated in Imagineering


5. True or False: Guests can see the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the Morocco pavilion.



(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons: Palms and Buildings – WDW 2008, Jonathan, license)



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