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Palms and Buildings - WDW 2008, copyright Jonathan, Flickr Creative Commons

1. What year did Epcot’s Morocco pavilion open to the public?

  1. 1983
  2. 1984 – Epcot’s Morocco pavilion was opened to Walt Disney World guests in 1984 and is the only pavilion sponsored by the country’s government as opposed to various corporations. Inspired by Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Fez the Morocco pavilion is a beautifully intricate example of cultural Imagineering. There are many examples of Moroccan architecture and landmark buildings found throughout the pavilion. For example, the main archway that welcomes guests deep into the Morocco pavilion is directly inspired by the Bab Boujouloud Gate located in Fez. Unlike the Epcot version, these structures were originally built to protect  the cities, but with careful planning and creativity, Imagineers created a more welcoming ascetic. Another example can be found in the courtyard fountain, which is not a product of Imagineering’s imagination but a replica of the Najjarine Fountain. 
  3. 1985


2. The World Showcase’s Morocco pavilion is divided into how many different sections?

  1. 1
  2. 2 – The Morocco pavilion is divided into two sections – the ville nouvelle (new city) and the Medina (old city).
  3. None


3. True or False: Only one minaret, or prayer tower, can be found in the Morocco pavilion. The large tower in the Morocco pavilion that is often the focal point of many guests’ photos is a replica of a famous Moroccan prayer tower called the Koutoubia Minaret. A second smaller minaret can be found in the old city of the Morocco pavilion and is a replica of the minaret located in Chellah. 


4. How many tons of handcrafted and hand cut tiles adorn the Morocco pavilion?

  1. 10 tons
  2. 9 tons – King Hassan II of Morocco sent maalerns (craftsmen) to work with Disney Imagineers to create authentic Moroccan tile work. The maalerns helped to create 9 tons of handcrafted and hand cut tile that adorn the Morocco pavilion.
  3. The tile is fabricated in Imagineering


5. True or False: Guests can see the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the Morocco pavilion. – Eagle eyed guests will be able to spot the outline of a very familiar building while in the Morocco pavilion. 



(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons: Palms and Buildings – WDW 2008Jonathanlicense)



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