/ Sunday, January 21st, 2018

WDW Tip of the Week


Walt Disney World can be an overwhelming experience of sights, sounds, and smells—even for the most seasoned guests. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to overlook those unique touches and experiences that are part of the Walt Disney World story.

When entering The Land pavilion in Disney’s Epcot, have you ever paused to appreciate the two colorful mosaics outside the entrance? The mosaics were created by Hanns and Monika Scharff using approximately 150,000 granite, marble, glass, gold, and slate tiles. Monika also worked on the mosaic panels at Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park.

Color is an important element in Walt Disney World’s visual storytelling and is used to catch the eye and draw guests in. With it’s sweeping and intricate panels, The Land mosaics converge toward the entrance with a blaze of color blocks.

The right and left mosaics are rumored to be identical with one unique and subtle difference. If you are outside the pavilion and are facing the entrance to The Land, the mosaic on the right has one Entrance mosaics at The Land pavilion in Epcotemerald green tile.

Are you ready to take on the green tile challenge? To the best of my memory, the elusive green tile resides in a panel close to the entrance doors. Can you find it?

There is so much to discover and learn at Walt Disney World! So keep your eyes and your ears ready!




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