Gods of the Vikings exhibit exteriorThroughout the storyline of the Thor film franchise, there are references to the rich and deep lore of Norse mythology. And now, in World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot, a new exhibit at the Norway Pavilion’s Stave Church Gallery celebrates Norse mythology and how it shaped Viking culture.


At the center of the Gods of the Vikings exhibit is a tree trunk, possibly representative of the mighty ash tree, Yggdrasil. Known as the World Tree, the branches of Yggdrasil connect the Nine Realms that formed from the primal elements of water and fire. The elaborate tree trunk in the Norway exhibit showcases bass relief carvings of well-known gods and goddesses familiar to many Disney fans—Odin, Thor, Loki, and Thor.


The exhibit’s glass displays encase informational panels that share the legends and mythology of Odin, Ruler of the Gods; Thor, Protector of the Gods; Loki, God of Mischief; and Freya, the Greatest Goddess. A fifth display presents an intricate needlework banner that depicts the Nine Realms and their hierarchical location on the World Tree.


Many of the World Showcase pavilions at Disney’s Epcot have rotating exhibits for guests to view and learn more about each country’s culture. For more information, check the Walt Disney World website, the My Disney Experience app, or ask a Cast Member.


Gods of the Vikings exhibit interior


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