/ Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
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LIVE Epcot Candlelight Processional with Neil Patrick Harris – front and center!!! Sit back… relax… tag and invite a friend, and enjoy the show!



72 thoughts on “LIVE Epcot Candlelight Processional with Neil Patrick Harris – front and center!!! Sit back… relax… tag and invite a friend, and enjoy the show!”

  1. The kids at children’s hospital of MS thank you Lou! They are streaming

  2. We saw Ana Gastyer last year. She was great

  3. I love when Neil moves to the bah-dums in When They Saw the Star.

  4. Same as Jim Caviezel,, he can not stay still, you can FEEL him feeling it❤️

  5. Mary Wahl says:

    Hey John!! Better late than never.

  6. Mary Wahl says:

    Will be at Disney all next week. Can’t wait!!!

  7. Mary Wahl says:

    Hi Linda !! ❤️

  8. Sign interpreter is fantastic

  9. Jeremy Goff says:

    This is a beautiful concert

  10. I saw Marlee Maitlin do this show back in ’05

  11. I used to be able to sign Silent Night, but that was many years ago

  12. How you doing angie? Recovering from the quakes ok

  13. Yes. We have a had a lot of aftershocks though

  14. That reminds me, Marlee Matlin is on my bucket list narrator wish list. Has anyone seen her?

  15. I have a friend in eagle river

  16. A ton of aftershocks. But they are getting the road rebuilt fast

  17. They got hit hard. A house collapsed there

  18. Best part of the show coming up

  19. Thank you for sharing! Love this!

  20. That is good news on the roads

  21. Luis Ramos says:

    Neil Patrick Harris always does a great job reading the story of the baby jesus

  22. It took him 4 hours to clean their kitchen. All dishes bottles everything broken out of cabinets on floor

  23. It’s been an emotional day, this May do me in

  24. I was hoping Kurt Russell was coming back this year. I watched Lou’s broadcast of that last year

  25. It shook my fridge door open and stuff fell out and out of medicine cabinets. But we were lucky

  26. Jesus Matos says:

    First time watching this

  27. Bj Mannion says:

    Did anyone do a video of John Stamos. He was they last Saturday’s or Sunday

  28. Luis Ramos says:

    Lou should play the baby jesus

  29. Mike Fenton says:

    I don’t hear you Beci

  30. This is so fantastic ❤️

  31. Always remember the true meaning of Christmas

  32. BEAUTIFUL ❤️😢

  33. Thanks Lou for this!

  34. Paul Broadus says:

    I Fear when all older people are gone there will be no more Orchastra…:{(

  35. Oh my ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. There are some youngsters that would love to play in the orchestra. Daughter has been playing flute for 5 years 🙂

  37. Kris Banas says:

    Thank you for sharing this Lou!!

  38. the HARDEST Church song to sing…i always am i awe when it’s sung.

  39. Love when everyone stands

  40. Thank you for sharing this Lou. Neil Patrick Harris is my favorite narrator

  41. when I was in school we did this closing anthem every Christmas season

  42. YThank you for sharing Lou!

  43. Mary Jean DeMasi Miklitsch are you watching

  44. Lee Sforza-Arlotta missed it this year. Stefani isn’t in chorus.

  45. James Hansen says:

    Hi Beci and Deanna. Oh and hi to you too Lou

  46. Pam Wellborn, your favorite!

  47. Lee Sforza-Arlotta no I missed it! Ugh!!

  48. Yep, we were there for him a couple years ago. Excellent!

  49. #replay nice soundtrack to my day at the office!

  50. I was there and the video was great!!!