/ Tuesday, December 4th, 2018
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LIVE video – Walk with me through Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom during #DisneyAfterHours #Hosted



85 thoughts on “LIVE video – Walk with me through Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom during #DisneyAfterHours #Hosted”

  1. I agree Darlene. Gotta get popcorn

  2. No 😞😞😞😞😞

  3. Extra hours looks totally worth it

  4. Marla Chan says:

    I did MK last night. It was great.

  5. Mariah Popp says:

    As soon as they do them for HS when Galaxy’s edge opens I will!!

  6. Marla was it crowded

  7. How much was the ticket for tonight?

  8. Darlene you must be excited about your trip

  9. Marla Chan says:

    Yes. 125.00 reg, but 95.00 passholder disc. Well worth it. No crowds

  10. I have a feeling that any after hours event for Galaxy’s Edge will cost more than any of the others.

  11. I haven’t been to the parks since Pandora opened 😢

  12. We got to ride FOP twice this past trip! Love it

  13. Marla Chan says:

    Mine was 10:00 pm-1:00 am, allowed me in at 7:00.

  14. We did too! Both fast passes 😊

  15. FOP is currently my favorite attraction at WDW. The feeling of flight is so incredible on that ride.

  16. 29 days since I have been on one 😫

  17. Well, data coverage is solid in there

  18. I didn’t think it was that bad for motion my friend Stuart did okay

  19. We were on the top the first the and on the bottom the last time. It seemed like you got to experience more of the smells and water mists on the bottom. Seemed more intense too

  20. Marla Chan says:

    For me , MK was well worth it. Highly recommend.

  21. It is so well done. Each time we ride it I get a different experience from it.

  22. Cody Havard says:

    Hi everyone. Very cool area!

  23. Ashley Riggs says:

    We did MK after hours and loved it! We would pay for the tickets again… as long as they keep it small. Like the Halloween/Christmas parties used to be worth it but now they are just so busy!

  24. The smells in the ride are amazing too

  25. Hey Lou, stop at Pongu Pongu and get a Rum Blossom.

  26. Banshee for 43 please

  27. The smell in the cave is great. Also, the music is soul stirring at that part. I know it sounds hokey, but FOP is an experience. It is not simply a ride.

  28. I wanted to go on FOP so bad on our trip but backed out last second because of my dumb anxiety when it comes to heights/drops 😔I feel I’ll never get the full Disney experience if I don’t just get over it and get on

  29. Anne Norberg says:

    What is the wait time right now?

  30. Paul Broadus says:

    That cast member looked like he was drinking a Beer

  31. Always remember. This is a simulator. Just tell yourself you never leave that room. 😉

  32. Paul Broadus says:

    I think it is a little Crazy, wish they would slow down the flight a little…

  33. Love this ride!! Thanks for taking us with you!!!

  34. Paul Broadus says:

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle…

  35. That’s how I got myself on forbidden journey at universal ! Though I’ve been told FOP is way more intense but next trip I’m making it my goal to get on !

  36. I bet Lou has those Pandoran microbes on him! 😉

  37. Hi Lou! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  38. Paul Broadus says:

    Just Something you ate Lou,

  39. The storytelling in this queue is insanely detailed.

  40. Rob DeLeon says:

    This ride is so cool. Wish I didn’t get motion sick on it

  41. Everything about this ride is fantastic. The outside, the indoor queue, the pre-ride stuff, and then the ride itself! So jealous right now!

  42. Hi guys can you go in this ride with a whelchair?

  43. Thanks for posting. I love this ride!

  44. Rob DeLeon says:

    Albert I think you need to be able to get out of the wheelchair and on to the seat

  45. I have seen people assisted onto the ride vehicle from their wheelchair. You cannot ride it while on a wheelchair unfortunately.

  46. Discount Sigourney Weaver.

  47. Rob DeLeon says:

    Leave it streaming while you ride!

  48. Paul Broadus says:

    Enjoy the Ride and do not get Sickish if So Close your Eyes…, It works…

  49. Kate Wallace says:

    Ahh, didn’t get to go on it during the last trip

  50. The transition effect on this ride is genius! Stare at the little console of the ride vehicle until lights flash on it. Then you lift your head and the large screen has flashing lights on it. It is seamless!

  51. Darlene Zalikowski Nagi it’s a drink at pandora.

  52. D.j. Yasui says:

    Who turned the lights out?

  53. Michael Mercadante I will have to try it I love the Dole Whip with rum at Tamu Tamu

  54. Hey Lou! Watching the replay. Can’t wait!

  55. We were there two weeks ago! Wish we could go back!

  56. Thanks for taking us with you Lou!

  57. Flight of Passage is the most amazing and breathtaking attraction I have ever been on

  58. I sooo regret not doing FoP twice!!

  59. They had cheeseburger pods when we were there two weeks ago

  60. Had it when I was there, so good!

  61. Jessica Ashley Graziano hi! Watching the repeat? It’s cool!

  62. Sure you aren’t in the graveyard? Lol!

  63. I so hope that the imagineers will implement this technology into more attractions

  64. Read yesterday that the Canteen menu is already doing a major revamping!

  65. I want to go back! 😭😭

  66. My husband was able to stay in his scooter all the way onto the ride up until the point where he got into the actual seat of the attraction