/ Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
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Watch, chat, and call-in to share what YOU are most looking forward to in 2019 in the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars worlds!



76 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Look Ahead to 2019”

  1. Bob Getchell says:

    Next week Venezia coming back.

  2. Wow, I guess Florida is frozen

  3. Joe Pica says:

    My Mom wore moomoo’s

  4. Keith we have a new design for you 😂

  5. Bob Getchell says:

    Ask for me when you come in.

  6. Joe Pica says:

    The outdoor bar Rocks

  7. What about us non-seafood eaters?

  8. I have to be honest: I’m looking forward to that Harry Potter coaster

  9. Pete Bush says:

    I really need to stop playing the WDWRadio “Boathouse” drinking game.

  10. Kevin Nelson says:

    Night gang. Stay warm.

  11. Partial to LA costal oysters and crawfish

  12. Bob Getchell says:

    I’m getting certified to drive venezia so can be chef and your captain.

  13. awesome job everyone…glad i could make it back into one of these…you are all so damn beautiful!!!

  14. Joseph Jowdy says:

    My Wife is taking me back there for my birthday March 4th Steak and Lobster Can’t wait ( wish they still had the tomahawk steak)

  15. Cory Bassett says:

    I gotta get me one of those hammers! (I tried to spell it but failed miserably)

  16. I gotta study mri boards 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Ann Lysy says:

    My Slytherin cross-stitch!

  18. Thank YOU Lou! Hope to run into you this weekend.

  19. 2 weeks from today!!!!!!!

  20. Paul Hoffman says:

    Have a good night all!!! Thank you Lou!!!!

  21. We all love you Lou!

  22. Thanks, Lou. G’night all!

  23. Have a good one Lou. As always, we appreciate you! Night everybody!

  24. Love you all! Goodnight!

  25. Good night Lou and all my Box Friends

  26. Marla Chan says:

    Thank you! Have a great night.

  27. Thanks Lou for another great show, goodnight all.

  28. Another absolutely great and awesome show! Thank you Lou!

  29. Whoops. I missed this because I was playing Kingdom Hearts 3.

  30. I gotta study mri boards

  31. Pete Bush says:

    Good night Lou and everyone!

  32. Thanks Lou, Good Night

  33. Lou Mongello!!!! I haven’t been able to watch/listen for awhile! It’s so good to here your voice & happy 2019! 🎉🎉🎉

  34. Lou Mongello!!!! I haven’t been able to watch/listen for awhile! It’s so good to here your voice & happy 2019!

  35. Todd Kell says:

    Think 2020 might even be better there,

  36. Kevin Lisowe says:

    I’m new here. Is this unusually early?

  37. Kevin Lisowe says:

    There’s only End Game

  38. The space restaurant in Epcot

  39. **freezing in Connecticut***

  40. Whoever is in Chicago you are the winner

  41. I got stuck in the polar vortex next week

  42. New York works for me maybe I’ll finally get to book this

  43. Box Family! How is everyone?

  44. I love shawarma! Just had a shawarma bowl in the city last week! So good!

  45. I invited all Disney Fans – Maryland to join us!

  46. Can you do a meet the first week of June?

  47. I’ll be in WDW in 3 weeks – business trip!

  48. Philly is close to Baltimore! I’ll make the trip!

  49. I NEED the sushi donut! 20 days u til my trip!