/ Tuesday, July 9th, 2019
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LIVE from the Gran Destino dedication ceremony at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort #CoronadoSprings



67 thoughts on “LIVE from the Gran Destino dedication ceremony at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort”

  1. Jim Orehosky says:

    Hey Where’s Jimmy?

  2. What a great addition to the Moderates. More like a Moderate +

  3. I want to work there simply for the uniforms.

  4. Can’t wait to see it in person

  5. I thought the same thing..

  6. Laura Sleeper lets apply..

  7. unfortunately this hidden gem is no longer hidden. 🙂

  8. The dress is gorgeous!!

  9. You never know unless you ask

  10. This is such a nice way to commute!! I’m in a gross subway station right now 🙂

  11. Stayed at Coronado before it was cool to stay there

  12. Becci is there at the bar?

  13. Jim Orehosky says:

    Where’s Jimmy Stiles?

  14. If it is breathtaking on my phone, I can’t imagine how awesome it must be in person!

  15. classy and understated. I love the direction they are taking

  16. Charging Ports!! Wahoo! My kind of seats!

  17. And it’s a moderate!!

  18. Jim Orehosky says:

    I can so see myself working there.

  19. Jim Orehosky totally!! Me too!!

  20. Jim Orehosky says:

    Where do I send my resume?!

  21. hidden mickeys everywhere!!!

  22. I always thought I’d retire and work at animal kingdom lodge but this place is incredible

  23. David Lucas says:

    What are the room like

  24. What about the Food..

  25. can’t wait to see in person

  26. Jim Orehosky online at the Disney Careers

  27. It’s our fave. Three times in past year

  28. have a great day, Lou Mongello

  29. Thanks for sharing

  30. Good morning Lou, from the Yacht Club!!!!!!

  31. Angela Zizak says:

    Love this style of music and dancing! Can’t wait to stay at this resort in October!

  32. Good morning from Saratoga NY

  33. Angela Zizak says:

    Where’s Donald?

  34. Watching from the UK and so glad we have a room booked at Coronado for next August – waiting eagerly for your reviews of all the dining locations so we can decide which restaurants to book ADRs for. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Try all the restaurants and bring lots of $$$.

  36. Mark Bond says:

    Will be staying there in 102 days! Favorite resort! Can’t wait to see it in person! Thanks for the great video tours!!!