/ Friday, August 30th, 2019
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LIVE from Raglan Road Orlando in Disney Springs for The Great Irish Hooley



83 thoughts on “LIVE from Raglan Road Orlando in Disney Springs for The Great Irish Hooley”

  1. Jeremy Saada says:

    Now that looks amazing!!

  2. That shepherds pie looks good.

  3. Paige Miller says:

    Beef and taters that’s all you need to know!

  4. Jill McCann says:

    Should at least be mince lamb gravy onions carrot

  5. Kris Banas says:

    I will go there in November!

  6. Paige Miller says:

    Good busy. I totally have something to send you sitting on my desk. I’ve been procrastinating for months!

  7. Jill McCann says:

    I keep telling my friend who’s daughters compete in Irish dancing this should be their life job goal

  8. Paige Miller says:

    I’ve been watching that sweet baby grow!

  9. Ted Bolt says:

    What’s up Lou, loved your shots of star wars

  10. Kris Banas says:

    I can’t wait to see the Homeland stuff in Ireland next month, then go to Raglan when I am down in November!!

  11. Jill McCann says:

    Kris you sailing into Belfast?

  12. Kris Banas says:

    Not Belfast. No Northern on this trip. Flying in and out of Dublin

  13. Jill McCann says:

    Kris Banas well enjoy anyway you’ll have a great time.

  14. Kris Banas says:

    Going to Kilkenny, Killarney, Galway and one other place.

  15. Kris Banas says:

    Jill McCann thank you!

  16. Jill McCann says:

    Kris Banas oh it’s stunnnnning way down there but make sure you have warm clothes, layers and your rain coat. We aren’t green for no reason lol

  17. Kris Banas says:

    Jill McCann we got Columbia water and windproof jackets, bringing sweaters, etc.

  18. Kris Banas says:

    Jill McCann I hear layering is the way to dress.

  19. Jill McCann says:

    Kris Banas yes deffo layer as we tend to have 4 seasons in a day

  20. Jill McCann says:

    Lou heads up we can only hear you not when others talk

  21. Boy that looks good!!!!!!!

  22. I always took pic of my food

  23. Dalia Nolan says:

    Hi Lou we’re at the table on the other side of Raglan watching you live!!

  24. Kris Banas says:

    Hey Mike Sizemore!

  25. I used to have a guitar about that color. Nice!!

  26. Hey Kris . How are you???

  27. Kris Banas says:

    Getting hungry!! LOL!

  28. Kris Banas says:

    Was that a guest doing that!?

  29. Kevin Cooper says:

    All three of my kids are Irish dancers and last time we were there we tried to get them to go up on dance–but I got the “come on Dad” look

  30. Question….So what did you do Friday night??? Answer: I watched Lou Mongello eat dinner from 465 miles away.

  31. Hey, I’m 1000 miles away

  32. Find comfort in the fact that you are not alone Mike

  33. River Dance and dinner….direct on my iMac. Only in America!!

  34. Favourite Disney Springs restaurant

  35. Hi everyone!! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

  36. They can play some more Richard Thompson. That will be fine

  37. Have that many people left town or is it just too early? Looks like an easy night to get a table.

  38. They’re all at Galaxy’s Edge…

  39. Kris Banas says:

    I would so be flat on my face if I tried that! LOL!!

  40. This place looks fun!

  41. As you should be…. Have you been able to ride Smugglers Run??

  42. Kris Banas says:

    It’s awesome!!!!

  43. Dalia Nolan says:

    Right behind you Lou! Hi to you and Deanna!

  44. Mike Sizemore not yet, but I will be down in December

  45. Kevin Cooper says:

    Nothing beats a good Irish slider!

  46. Mike Milne says:

    This place is great!!!

  47. Been some years since I’ve eaten there. Always liked it, though b

  48. Kris Banas says:

    Have a great evening everyone! Time to fix our dinner! Later! Thanks Lou Mongello!!!

  49. Y’all have a great evening. Thx as always to Lou Mongello and Deanna Testai Mongello for sharing life with us. You make us smile…….

  50. Wonder how often they have get a new board

  51. Mike Milne says:

    I like how every room gets a show

  52. Is the storm actually supposed to hit WDW?

  53. Suuuuure Lou. I have sorry legs too. It doesn’t look like they in the mirror

  54. Best burger on property

  55. Kellie needs to learn how to do that

  56. Mike Milne says:

    Can you email those to me

  57. My favorite..had such a great time

  58. Fionn Morrison Dearbhla Casey Odhrán Lynch

  59. Hal Kussler says:

    Need an adequate sampling to make an informed decision on the edibility of the food

  60. Can’t wait to go in November

  61. You gotta love a good hooley

  62. Don’t burn your mouth

  63. Lou, Does this make you a hooligan?

  64. Dusten Nance says:

    love this place, but this reminded me how noisy it can be, they put us way back in a corner once, actually not that loud, missed some of the show, but able to carry on a conversation