/ Monday, August 12th, 2019
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LIVE from the grand opening of the #NBAExperience in Disney Springs



42 thoughts on “LIVE from the grand opening of the #NBAExperience in Disney Springs”

  1. I’m just here to watch Lou dunk a basketball

  2. Wow I didn’t know it was already ready

  3. Tim Martin says:

    Morning lou just got laid off from work now I have time to watch!

  4. Morning, Lou and the Box Family!!

  5. I totally forgot about this place coming… haven’t wandered through that part of Springs in awhile!

  6. Good Morning! Go Memphis Grizzlies!!

  7. Bill Swan says:

    Good morning all!

  8. Should have been an NHL experience

  9. What’s up Lou! Hello from VA!

  10. We can HEAR you, Lou!!!

  11. Nick Maddron says:

    You all just got a GREAT assistant coach in Scoonie Penn

  12. Kayla Artrip says:

    Good morning Lou!! We can hear you:)

  13. Lou Mongello 2020 nba 1st round draft pick

  14. Complimentary sweat towels funny and fun

  15. I’m very excited about our changes.

  16. Lou are you going to go 1 on 1 with Lebron if hes there?

  17. I will always miss disney quest but I hope this is successful

  18. Tom Nolan says:

    Good morning all- the NBA experience is going to be fantastic, been waiting for this to open…

  19. But the pressing WdwRadio question….will they have a restaurant??

  20. Lots of people fanning themselves this early

  21. Will NBA players be part of this morning?

  22. Hot in Miami too….

  23. Sean Croft says:

    When I think of Lou partaking in the NBA basketball court, all I can think of is the Lakers scene from “Fletch”

  24. Scheduled this early before the day heats upl

  25. Everyone saying it’s hot — they gave out the best freebie ever- nba cooling towels

  26. Moving makes you cooler?

  27. When you’re only here for the dancers

  28. What time does it open

  29. ‪What’s an NBA Experience without Flubber?‬

  30. Seems like Lou may have lost signal.

  31. That or FB is being dodgy again.

  32. Hey Lou! Wow how exciting I forgot this was opening today

  33. Early reviews arent too exciting…i dont know why this was needed

  34. I’m sorry to hear your news Tim. 🙁