/ Wednesday, August 28th, 2019
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LIVE video – Dedication of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

#GalaxysEdge #StarWars



19 thoughts on “LIVE video – Dedication of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge #GalaxysEdge #StarWars”

  1. Drew Beaton says:

    Bright suns. …again. Lol

  2. Watching from Ontario Canada!

  3. Mine broadcast keeps cutting out

  4. Kris Barth says:

    mine also…have to keep refreshing the feed

  5. Mine too. I keep refreshing

  6. Eric Haynes says:

    Hope you post this video later

  7. Um, where are the celebs like DL? A little anti climatic . Its gonna pour move dude

  8. Loving it and cannot wait to get there!

  9. Thanks Lou for sharing

  10. Thanks Lou from the UK

  11. Watching from Alberta, Canada as I pack and get ready to leave on our WDW road trip tomorrow! This is so awesome!

  12. Chris Shank says:

    What a flop DL has A listers we get the nothing.

  13. Fred Sherman says:

    No Harrison Ford this time??

  14. Fred Sherman says:

    So it’s not open to the public until tomorrow, right? Is this all press and… who else is in the crowd??

  15. Lisa Hodge says:

    Tiffany Belk McAteer no freakin way