/ Wednesday, August 28th, 2019
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WDW Radio LIVE Q&A about D23 Expo, Galaxy’s Edge, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more!



56 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE Q&A about D23 Expo, Galaxy’s Edge, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more!”

  1. Brian Holt says:

    Wish we could go on that cruise but my cousins and I are cruising through the Panama Canal this November!

  2. Nobody has more fun than us!

  3. Nancy Turner says:

    MEI/Mouse Fan Travel and Beci are the best!!!

  4. Josh Schmitz says:

    Thanks for all the streaming you’ve done the past couple of weeks Lou!

  5. Beci Mahnken says:

    Lou channeling Minnie Pearl

  6. thanks 2 u and beci for bringing us to D23!

  7. Mandy Bee says:

    Thank you, Lou, for all that you do.

  8. Thanks so much Lou & Beci!

  9. Lou and Beci Mahnken are the Best!

  10. Thanks for all that you do for us!!!

  11. Thank you for including us in the box

  12. David Potts says:

    I’d love to see you sing Grease.

  13. Brian Holt says:

    Bye Lou!! And to everyone else!!

  14. Jeremy Goff says:

    Peace out Box Family!

  15. Lou Mongello I wanna see you “DO” the Grease Tape!!!

  16. Beci Mahnken says:


  17. Have a great rest of the week, my friends. Love you all,

  18. Nancy Turner says:

    Lou and Beci are a great team!!

  19. Mandy Bee says:

    Whoever is going to GE tomorrow, have a great time!

  20. Hal Kussler says:

    Have a wonderful evening everyone … <3

  21. Jeremy Goff says:

    Thank you Lou and Beci for all of the D23 coverage

  22. Ana Garcia says:

    Good night BOX Family.

  23. Good night Lou and box family

  24. Night all have a great week

  25. Thank You Lou and Beci for being my friend!

  26. Pamela Bart says:

    Loved the box tonight

  27. Love you all! See ya next time around! Thanks Lou & Beci!

  28. Night all have a good rest of the week and weekend

  29. 31 days till I’m on planet.

  30. Beci Mahnken says:

    Till The Spires!!!! *and hopefully someone screenshot Lou Pearl

  31. THANK YOU!!!! ILOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Thank You Lou and good night!

  33. thanks for Disney D23

  34. All those in WDW be safe this weekend.

  35. So looking forward to next podcast

  36. How does virtual queue work for galaxy’s edge? Are wait lines long still?

  37. Booked trip to French Qurarter next summer. Pumped for this…

  38. Omg. Imagine the finale to that ride

  39. Can u explain the virtual queue to galaxy’s edge and its impact on wait times? And is this the way it will be long term?

  40. Quick service and a longer vacation or regular dining plan and shorter stay? I’m conflicted

  41. Is Hollywood studios now at least a two day park due to galaxy’s edge?

  42. CAn dining in galaxy’s edge somehow ensure you admitance?

  43. Can you narrow down date of Ratatouille opening? Excited

  44. What about new star wars footage? What was reaction

  45. Yay San Diego! It was nice meeting you at Disneyland!