/ Friday, September 27th, 2019
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LIVE ride the Skyliner with me!!!



91 thoughts on “LIVE ride the Skyliner with me!!!”

  1. Robin Beal says:

    I like the pass that looks like the skyliner

  2. Deborah Rhea says:

    So they don’t go to French Quarter?

  3. How close to Magic Kingdom?

  4. Byron Fawley says:

    I got to ride it on Monday. Was really nice to be abke to get on it before everyone else

  5. Dean Hixson says:

    Farthest North it goes is Epcot Int’l Gateway. MK is miles North of this.

  6. Could technically park hop thru Epcot to the monorail lol

  7. Lou, can you post a Skyliner route map later?

  8. Does looks like it will be a hit…so hope more routes are built!

  9. Andrew Tan says:

    I think Walt would have loved this. And I don’t say that flippantly.

  10. Lou, have you ridden a wrapped cabin yet?

  11. Matt Perry says:

    If the Skyliner is a big success, which it looks like it’s going to be,
    do you see them eventually expanding to more resorts and potentially adding a Magic Kingdom stop?

  12. Any sick bags? The wife is asking…lol

  13. Disneyland almost did this between Disneyland and Angels Stadium

  14. Jay Milkeris says:

    Im sure this will be expanded it is much cheaper than building a new monorail route

  15. That’s why we picked Riviera!

  16. Jay Milkeris says:

    And safer than more buses

  17. Dean Hixson says:

    Line moves quickly. Loading up to 10 people like every 20-30 seconds as long as it keeps spinnin!

  18. Dean Hixson says:

    LOU THANK YOU! Great fun!

  19. Kris Banas says:

    Thanks Lou Mongello!!

  20. Thanks Lou! That was amazing! We can’t wait to ride in October!

  21. Thanks for taking us along, Lou!

  22. Jerry Hall says:

    I’m mellow now WDW Radio with Lou Mongello

  23. Deborah Rhea says:

    See you this coming week

  24. This was .. brill! Cheers Lou

  25. Tammy Orr says:

    It was GREAT!! Thank you Lou

  26. Thanks Lou!!! Truly appreciated!!!!

  27. Can’t wait to ride it Tuesday! Thanks for live streaming it!

  28. Dean Hixson says:

    “Momentary Stay Against Confusion” Zen, right!

  29. Thank you Lou! Now I’m not afraid to ride it!

  30. Thank You Lou! Have A Magical Day!

  31. I was trying to find a WDW Radio one to post! I didn’t want to step on Lou’s toes! 😉

  32. What happens during storms?

  33. Jacobee Hope Erica Korte we are doing this

  34. Wow looks much nicer in the daylight!

  35. Deborah Rhea says:

    Christa Probst Ryan thank uou

  36. Jacobee Hope says:

    Phillip Satterfield yesssss

  37. Its seems too cold, breezy and safe. Never going on that thing.

  38. Erica Korte says:

    You guys have fun! LOL

  39. Jacobee Hope says:

    Erica Korte no you’re doing it with us!!!!!

  40. Doug Hansen says:

    What we looking at now? What are we going over now?

  41. Fred Sherman says:

    Nice and hot in there??

  42. What did CM say about narration?

  43. I got to drive over and hop on it

  44. Ashley Riggs says:

    I am excited for this!

  45. We will be there tomorrow.

  46. Gail Zummo says:

    If you have a open stroller do you have to close it

  47. Ashley Cook says:

    Yeah! Skyline at Disney Springs!

  48. Ashley Cook says:

    Do they make you get off at each station?

  49. Ashley Cook says:

    It looks like they aren’t making you get off and wait again for the next leg?

  50. Be interesting to the situation when Lighting is is the area.

  51. Just watching now. Looks fast

  52. This is so fun! I can’t wait till we are there in a couple of weeks! About how long does it take to get from say Pop to Epcot? Are the lines huge?

  53. That was fun, Lou Mongello. I felt like I was riding right next to you.

  54. Oh Clarabelle and Horace!!’ That would have been awesome!!!

  55. I’ve been drooling over them all week. We’re at pop century and were hoping they’d need guinea pigs lol

  56. Tom Piefer says:

    Fat Sweaty Lou Mongellos

  57. Thank you Lou Mongello for this view!!!!

  58. Ya got lucky with gorgeous weather

  59. Looks like Andy’s room.

  60. Can you go on in a thunderstorm

  61. Did I here you say you can ride without park admission?

  62. Like you said, this IS AN ATTRACTION!

    People ask why do Disney every year, that’s because there’s always a different/new experience you can have. I cannot wait to just ride the skyline and see Disney like I’ve never seen it before. It will also take me to locations/resorts that I’ve never been too.

    Can’t wait !!

  63. I am actually dying at the Spanish narration

  64. Did anyone spontaneously combust due to the heat inside? Asking for a friend.