/ Friday, September 27th, 2019
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LIVE video from the Skyliner dedication and my first ride – watch, chat, and join me for the full Skyliner circuit



88 thoughts on “LIVE video from the Skyliner dedication and my first ride – watch, chat, and join me for the full Skyliner circuit”

  1. Justin Walls says:

    easy, breezy, beautiful

  2. if each gondola is connected to, and not rolli g on the cable, how do they slow down at certain points like the turn, yet othrrs on straightaway on same cable are at full speed?

  3. Cory Bassett says:

    Do you see them scaling this in the future? Possible replacement to the old “monorail everywhere” rumor that always resurfaces?

  4. Awesome for behind the scene views

  5. Thanks for doing this Lou! Great reason for me to take my time going to work!

  6. You got to Epcot pretty quick

  7. Not sure how I feel about seeing behind the scenes

  8. Joe Foo says:

    Whoa! Construction?

  9. Scott Otis says:

    I possibly can foresee an expansion to the All Star Resorts

  10. We rode Ratatouille in Paris. Awesome ride. Can’t wait

  11. Will be interesting to see the updated imagineering that they will do to the backside of things!

  12. Mike Milne says:

    A lot of work behind France, more than ride?

  13. Dean Hixson says:

    M & M! Love you guys!

  14. Is security check at Epcot station or before you get on Sky liner?

  15. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse!

  16. Don’t you feel 5 years old when that happens?!

  17. I have to go back to work!!!

  18. Thanks Lou Mongello!!!

  19. Wow …They both had to reach down to Lou for the hug….just kidding!!!

  20. Jerry Hall says:

    The Boss and his girl

  21. So strange to see this again. I remember the original as a kid.

  22. The hug broke the internet

  23. James King says:

    after, they expanded bag check to support higher volumes

  24. Brian Harvey says:

    Kim. The security is after the skyline before you enter the park

  25. Angie Castle says:

    Security check are after getting off the Skyliner

  26. Thanks Lou, I have to go for now

  27. Dean Hixson says:

    Skyliner is inside Epcot security.

  28. Which route has the longest “ride”? Caribbean Beach?

  29. Iggy Torres says:

    Uh oh, is it just me or did it stop?

  30. Dean Hixson says:

    Right, I noticed that. A lot more bag check capability at Int’l Gateway now!

  31. Jill McCann says:

    Security at the same place of you walk or get the boat to international gatesway

  32. Scott Otis says:

    Cheryl, all three lines go to the Caribbean. The longest line is from the Caribbean to Epcot (thru the Riviera)

  33. Dean Hixson says:

    Dead zone. In the coolest place, too.

  34. Drat…Lou has gone too high in the sky liner…lost pics

  35. Cory Bassett says:

    I wonder what the merch looks like. I see a sky liner popcorn bucket in my future

  36. Cory Bassett says:

    One of every color too

  37. Iggy Torres says:

    Mine says broadcast interrupted

  38. Scott Otis says:

    The next longest is from Caribbean to Art of Animation/Pop Century

  39. Cory Bassett says:

    It’ll catch up once he has better signal

  40. Jill McCann says:

    Should connect back soon I’d guess

  41. Scott Otis says:

    The shortest line is from Caribbean to the Studios

  42. Dean Hixson says:

    The quick run to Echo Lake (Pop Century) and back, over the water, is the COOLEST. Look for me to annoy these fine CMs by looping Caribbean to Pop and back all day long…

  43. Jill McCann says:

    It’s like d23 again 😉

  44. Cory Bassett says:

    I’d love to see this extended to the other resorts and the TTC

  45. Can’t be that Lou is using Disney Wi-fi again?…lol

  46. Dean Hixson says:

    And AK. While we’re dreaming! Let’s just close the whole loop!

  47. Scott Otis says:

    I foresee it possibly being expanded to the All Star resorts (imagine how many people wouldn’t have to take the bus)

  48. Michael Nipp says:

    Extend it to the airport

  49. Iggy Torres says:

    Was supposed to ride it yesterday but it kept breaking down. They had shuttle busses for the missed stops

  50. Cory Bassett says:

    Lou switch to cellular

  51. Jill McCann says:

    Martyn Shergold shhhhhh have a cuppa all be ok soon

  52. Jill McCann …restroom first…then a refill

  53. Dean Hixson says:

    Sorry to hear that! I got on at 5:45 through about 7:30 with a few delays. Hope you get another chance!

  54. Jill…will only we get this……put 50p in the meter Lou!

  55. Thank you for going love that was awesome!

  56. It’s how peaceful it is up thee that’s the best part!

  57. Oh the song from Brave!!! Yay!!!

  58. I e been on it a number of times during the preview and I can’t get enough of it!!

  59. Looks like a gorgeous day for a skyliner ride

  60. What happens during a thunderstorm?

  61. Mia Mattioli says:

    Michelle Mattioli Chris Mattioli

  62. Quick question if you know …..
    Are magic bands scanned to ride it and do you have to be a guest at one of these hotels ?

  63. Am I the only one that just cried can’t wait to catch a ride in December!!

  64. Fred Sherman says:

    Has Disney given any hourly capacity figures??

  65. Ryan Shimp says:

    Peter Shimpeno Carrie Cusano Samantha-Joey Drew

  66. We always stay at Caribbean Beach and we are so looking forward to riding the Skyliner on our upcoming visit!

  67. Did anyone self combust due to the heat?