/ Wednesday, September 4th, 2019
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WDW Radio LIVE – 5 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars OUTSIDE of Galaxy’s Edge, your question and calls, and more!



68 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – 5 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars OUTSIDE of Galaxy’s Edge, your question and calls, and more!”

  1. Beci Mahnken says:

    I am so disappointed the email shows arent at the top — so we will have to do a couple others so I have a shot

  2. Dalia Nolan says:

    Have a great night everyone! Thanks Lou for another great show.

  3. I screen-grabbed the food lists 😉

  4. the one where Lou does his Jerry Lewis “HEY LADY”

  5. David Potts says:

    Musty water smell, Marty Sklar, Richard Sherman, any top 10 or Korkis show. Email shows.

  6. Ryan Donoho says:

    I listen to episode 1 every morning when I wake up

  7. Have fun at Momentum- wish I was coming!

  8. Cory Bassett says:

    Start at episode 1! Cya in a year lol when you catch up

  9. Luis Ramos says:

    Start with the very first episode

  10. Cory Bassett says:

    I do it every couple years

  11. Beci Mahnken says:

    I think Deanna and I need to do a “Lou Mongello Primer” show – everything you ever wanted to know about Lou

  12. Paul Clark says:

    I enjoyed #461, too!

  13. Any show with Beci….

  14. Top 10 little Timmy foster! Lol

  15. Ryan Donoho says:

    Hopefully I’ll see you in Galaxy’s Edge. I went three days in a row this week

  16. Kris Banas says:

    Love them all….but I want more DISNEY IN A MINUTE!!

  17. When do you arrive in Indy and is Beci joining?

  18. Paul Clark says:

    Richard Sherman and Julie Andrews interviews!!

  19. David Potts says:

    536- ABD Backstage Magic

  20. Eddie Kern says:

    Remember the shows with the guy from Hyperion?

  21. Lol we did…just not HP sauce…especially on biscuits

  22. Courtney WS says:

    Secret secrets are no fun hahaha

  23. Ryan Donoho says:

    I’ll shoot you an email soon. Ronto wraps on me

  24. Beci Mahnken says:

    or revised —
    I think Deanna and I (and his daughter and his mom as special guests) need to do a
    “Lou Mongello Primer” show – everything you ever wanted to know about Lou Mongello

  25. David Smyth says:

    An episode with Beci?

  26. The Jim Korkis ones are awesome.

  27. Kris Banas says:

    Can’t wait to see you the 21st!!!

  28. Stan Solo says:

    Nope chat is still not working, I can’t see anyone’s comments

  29. Paul Clark says:

    Have you ever interviewed Dick Van Dyke?

  30. Night Lou, and box, have a great week

  31. Miss you pal, all the best to your family

  32. Brill show…thanks Lou…have a great week everyone

  33. Thanks for all that you do, Lou!

  34. Marla Chan says:

    I have a idea for new location for a new family dining review.

  35. Good night box family have a great week

  36. Stan Solo says:

    I deleted and reloaded the app even.

  37. Cory Bassett says:

    May the spires keep you!

  38. Thank you, Lou! Love to everyone!!

  39. Night all, back on the road again.

  40. Thank You Lou and Have A Magical Night!

  41. Good week all. Be safe, be kind.

  42. Beci Mahnken says:

    So happy to see all of you tonight! Thanks for being here – I love Wednesdays!!!!

  43. Stan, I had to close it and reopen. It was weird as they always show up by default, but tonight they were off by default.

  44. Beci Mahnken says:

    Be “excellent’ to each other …. (and have a cocktail)

  45. Dalia Nolan says:

    Can’t remember the number but moving to Orlando!!!!

  46. Stan Solo says:

    Cindy, didn’t work for me all night. I could see my comments but no one else’s. Same thing happened when I went live myself this past Friday evening.

  47. Stan Solo I’m guessing they changed something as I have never had that problem. But I was also. My new iPad so wasn’t sure if it was the problem.

  48. Mark Leslie says:

    Any news about a September meetup?

  49. Mark Leslie says:

    WDW in 7 days! Any news about a September meet-up?

  50. Hello from Kansas! We are coming in October AND November!

  51. Don’t let school get in the way of your education! ..from a teacher

  52. Scott Fien says:

    Hi all! New to the WDW Radio family!!