/ Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019
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LIVE video from Disney Springs and the WDW Radio Meet of the Month!



75 thoughts on “LIVE video from Disney Springs and the WDW Radio Meet of the Month!”

  1. Homecoming is one of the best!

  2. What was Beci’s favorite?

  3. Tim Brown says:

    <—— agree with Beci!!

  4. Rick Bedoya says:

    Does Ravello count?


  6. I haven’t heard Boathouse yet! LOL

  7. Literally spent 4 hours there on my birthday and it was the best day EVER

  8. More food reviews! Let’s all chip in!

  9. Jill Dvornik says:

    Jiko and California Grill!!!!

  10. Tim Brown says:

    Couldn’t eat there every week financially, but otherwise… lol

  11. Hello from the Abracadabar

  12. I talk too much to be alone, I hate it

  13. Tim Brown says:

    The old brunch at Narcoosie’s was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Because they let you order everything!!!

  14. I ate alone in a hotel restaurant last Wednesday…but not really, because I was in the Box at the same time!

  15. Just ate at Monster Paul. Great restaurant. Presentation was wonderful

  16. That’s a fave of mine!!

  17. I enjoy eating alone

  18. Tim Brown says:

    Other side of the spectrum is a cinnamon roll and strong coffee from Boardwalk Bakery, and a seat by the water… #mygoto

  19. Olivia’s or Boatwright’s shrimp and grits for the win

  20. Paul Clark says:

    Don’t you just love autocorrect?

  21. I’m with Beci. Don’t like dining alone. Plus, the more people with you, the more different plates you can try!

  22. That’s definitely a plus!

  23. Tryyy everythingggg – singing along in my head lol

  24. Mark Jones says:

    Hello everyone! I’m late to the party!

  25. I dig Beci’s touring style

  26. Lou, I want to hear about your pork tenderloin experience in Indy

  27. Tim Brown says:

    Agreed…. love the soup at Canada, but VERY hard to eat when it’s hot…

  28. Maple bourbon cheesecake

  29. Lobster Roll @ America

  30. Paul Clark says:

    Mushroom filet at Canada

  31. Tim Brown says:

    ooops… I named more than one… lol

  32. John Young says:

    Thanks for a great night Lou sorry we had to go got an early call for Keys of the Kingdom tour – see yah!

  33. Enjoy the tour, John!

  34. John Young says:

    Oh and Spicy Kazan roll with fireball sauce is mine!

  35. Whoops I’m getting hungry

  36. Tim Brown says:

    I would kill for a Morimoto rib right now!

  37. Holly Beemer says:

    I can’t hear her!

  38. Liz Driscoll says:

    OMG – HI HI HI!!! Beci!

  39. Yes! I stand by my comments that Beci brings it every time! Met you both at the Disney Indy meet

  40. Fred Aebli says:

    Beci how can you be in here and out there. LOL

  41. Mark Jones says:

    I cant wait to smell the candle I ordered!!

  42. Beci Mahnken says:

    Cause I’m a super woman!

  43. Krissy Vigs says:

    Who’s kids are on the ipads behind you?

  44. Boathouse. I told Bob that Lou sent me. He said any friend of Lou’s is a friend of his

  45. Homecomin, Boathouse, start with ribs appetizer at morimoto street food

  46. Mark Jones says:

    Love the Here With the Magic Videos!! Keep em coming!

  47. I’m watching Lou Mongello and a table full of mimes! I can see their lips moving… Need a mike you can pass around, guys. <3

  48. You didn’t invite me!

  49. Bye everyone! So fun, as always!

  50. Thank you all! Always great to see and hear from everyone 🙂

  51. Fred Aebli says:

    Oh….. POLITE PIG!!!

  52. Have a great weekend all!

  53. John Hayes says:

    Guess I left too soon. 🙂