/ Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
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LIVE video from The Epcot Experience



63 thoughts on “LIVE video from The Epcot Experience”

  1. Tim Brown says:

    I. Cannot. Wait. To. Stand. In. That. Building!

  2. Tim Brown says:

    Well done, Imagineers!!

  3. Mike Milne says:

    Projection mapping is so cool!!!!

  4. Zac Brown says:

    On my way to Epcot now! Can’t wait to experience this!

  5. Tim Brown says:

    These projectors are outstanding! It’s one thing to see something like that on the castle… but another to see it up close on the model like that!

  6. This alone is unreal. I am living for this presentation!!!

  7. Mariah Popp says:

    Can’t wait to see the live stream of Epcot forever tonight!!!

  8. Tim Brown says:

    The Remy transformation on the model was sooo great!

  9. Where is that going in at

  10. Courtney WS says:

    I want all of the posters

  11. I love those retro style posters!

  12. Scott Pyle says:

    This is what I pictured EPCOT would be back when it was being advertised in the early 80’s.

  13. Courtney WS says:

    I’m late to the game here…is this like a preview center for what’s to come?

  14. Awesome I’m for sure gonna go there wed

  15. They would make awesome tshirts

  16. Courtney WS says:

    That’s why we have the same name! We like the same things hahaha

  17. Which one do I want?! Yes!

  18. Mary Poppins, kitchen cabaret or figment 😀

  19. Hahah!! Disney sisters!!

  20. Posters of everything that’s not there anymore would be great.

  21. Eric Ring says:

    Kitchen Cabaret poster for my kitchen would be cool.

  22. Scott Garcia says:

    Are you going to take us again

  23. Amazing! Thanks Lou!!

  24. You firs there Aaron DelPrince

  25. Journey Into Imagination with Figment & Dreamfinder!

  26. Luis Ramos says:

    He will be you replacement lol

  27. Mandy Bee says:

    Thank you, Lou! Have a great time!

  28. Yes, in Odyssey I believe.

  29. This is outstanding! Thank you for sharing this! Looks incredible!

  30. Thank you so much Lou! This is awesome!

  31. Can’t wait to see this in person!

  32. This is beyond awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  33. Watching the replay! Can’t wait to visit the Epcot Experience Center!

  34. Excellence in parenting right there!! 🙂

  35. Heather Burczynski they dress!

  36. Kris Banas says:

    Can’t wait to see this!