/ Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
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LIVE from the Disney Dream and a Very Merrytime Cruise!

#DisneyCruise #DisneyCruiseLife #VerryMerrytime #Hosted



54 thoughts on “LIVE from the Disney Dream and a Very Merrytime Cruise! #DisneyCruise #DisneyCruiseLife #VerryMerrytime #Hosted”

  1. Ryan Burke says:

    What’s free is for me and I’ll take three

  2. Eddie Kern says:

    That looks like wasabi lol

  3. Kate Wallace says:

    Cut them with a knife?

  4. Eddie Kern says:

    Chinese buffet ice cream

  5. Eddie Kern says:

    Lou why are you not getting it

  6. Peanut butter is protein

  7. Jeni Owens says:

    What happened to not spending anything extra? Lol

  8. Meg Nodzon says:

    Any interactive art?

  9. Kate Wallace says:

    I loved that too, 24 hours any drink

  10. Eddie Kern says:

    I don’t drink water. I’ll rust.

  11. Jim Mason says:

    love the milk machine

  12. Now I want ice cream!

  13. Mandy Bee says:

    that would be awesome

  14. Eddie Kern says:

    I will be asleep but yes

  15. Mark Jones says:

    Fireworks are always great!

  16. Is it ok to have ice cream at 1:30am! ….hehe

  17. Go live again with the peanut butter tower!!

  18. Mandy Bee says:

    Thank you for the stream!

  19. Cheers Lou…have a great week everyone

  20. Mark Whiting says:

    This was great!! Thanks Lou!

  21. Mark Jones says:

    Thanks! Have a great evening!

  22. The rain Forrest room is calling me lol

  23. Yes life saver with special needs kids those cabin movies

  24. Omg the opening to every new Disney movie

  25. You guys are getting see Frozen 2????!!!! Amazing!!!!

  26. Tracy Burch says:

    You had me at SHOPPING!

  27. Tracy Burch says:

    This is soo MAGNIFICENT!

  28. Oh the Dream Spirit Jersey is so cool!

  29. Hey Beci!!! How’s your ship??

  30. Mat Pasta says:

    Rachel May Pastera Verador ahhh!! I’m so excited!!