/ Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
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LIVE from a special location in Galaxy’s Edge for our thoughts and review of Rise of the Resistance! #GalaxysEdge



79 thoughts on “LIVE from a special location in Galaxy’s Edge for our thoughts and review of Rise of the Resistance! #GalaxysEdge”

  1. Chris Brown says:

    March – but we will be in DL the day it opens there

  2. Brian Harvey says:

    We will be there at four am

  3. Mariah Popp says:

    This January two days in a row!!! I’d wait maybe 3 hours max. Maybe four. I would wait 2 hours for FOP

  4. Heading over tonight in hopes to see the drones!

  5. Bill Swan says:

    January and 3 hours

  6. I would love to visit within the next year. I would be willing to wait two and a half hours for it for sure.

  7. So up where the troopers hang out sometimes.

  8. Next week will be opening the park probably up to 4 hours !! And we don’t wait more than 30 for any ride!!

  9. Kent Nelson says:

    Thank you for sharing!!!This is great!

  10. And thanks for the awesome review I want to drive up now!!!

  11. 2hours 34 minutes max

  12. My daughter will be there in March with her marching band

  13. I’ll be there Marathon Weekend. Will you ride with me Lou?

  14. I am going Walt Disney World in 2020!

  15. Marathon weekend for me

  16. Local here. Not opening day. Maybe this month but probably January.

  17. Disneyland next week back at Disney-world in March 2020

  18. Scott Pyle says:

    Will be there the last week of January. We will wait all day if need be.

  19. Joe Messina says:

    I can’t wait for the Holiday overlay: “Twas the Night before Resistance”.

  20. Scott Pyle says:

    The rumors of a failure were greatly exaggerated.

  21. We were there a month ago, and were shocked how open/not crowded it was!

  22. Perfection only Disney knows how to do

  23. Do we know the per hour ratios?

  24. What’s the rotr ride capacity

  25. After our trip next week, We will be back also in January to take my daughter to DCP, wow, would be great if she were placed here.

  26. Amanda Lamm says:

    I’ve yet to go into Galaxys Edge

  27. Will be there on the 20th. and again Marathon Weekend.

  28. What time do you suggest for tomorrow

  29. Amanda Lamm says:

    I need to soon! Hopefully later today before the crowd is bad for tomorrow

  30. Kat Phillis says:

    So no fast passes just standby for RotR

  31. Michael Nipp says:

    There’s also the small but loud group of people who want anything Star Wars to fail. Ridiculous.

  32. Shocked there’s no baby today

  33. Mariah Popp says:

    Are the yoda plushies sold out now???

  34. When will we get baby yoda floating around the park???

  35. Coming down this weekend, closing on a house!!!!!!

  36. Dusten Nance says:

    ironically, i’m sitting in theater at Dollywood now, waiting for show to begin, they just opened a huge expansion, increased park size 1/3

  37. Michael Nipp says:

    This is the A team for sure

  38. go get some food beci is buying

  39. Michael Nipp says:

    I want a Disney Lou plushie

  40. Love the walk throughs

  41. Scott Pyle says:

    Where are we going to eat?

  42. Thank You Lou Mongello!

  43. Is batuu open to regular guests or just media?

  44. See ya real soon as well Lou Mongello!

  45. Anyone know where the fastpass line (once it’s eventually used, or for rider swap) meets the main line? Will rider swaps miss the pre-show type stuff?

  46. Chris Rhodes says:

    The Last Jedi was good, but it WAS NOT a Star Wars film. that was misleading.

  47. Oh my goodness! Your son is so big!!!! Gosh! Also, definitely dad of the year!

  48. John Eiler says:

    Just joined in, how was GE RoR? Plan to see you at your meet Sunday

  49. John Eiler says:

    What is the que like?

  50. John Eiler says:

    Appreciate the “accessibility” to various guests who might not be able to ride other attractions

  51. John Eiler says:

    Great team reporting, but mostly Becky

  52. John Eiler says:

    Is there a single ride line

  53. John Eiler says:

    Will there be a big opening ceremony? Or was that today?

  54. Gosh, I hope to see this in 2021 – too much time since my last visit im 2013

  55. Can’t wait to go there

  56. Michael Anthony Runiewicz
    Alex Runiewicz
    Looks crazy lol

  57. Randy Alan Kendall… it was AWESOME

  58. It made my day to see Beci and Lou in the park that day!!! I was the one who yelled out “We love you, Beci!!! Oh, and you too, Lou!!!” Everything that you said about the ride/experience was SPOT ON!!! I was speechless!!! May the force be with you all!!! WDW Radio rocks!!!

  59. I was there on Wednesday and left at 4:30 when at 4 pm when it was open for media only. Hoped to see Lou going inside but didn’t. Enjoyed every minute there.