/ Monday, December 16th, 2019
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LIVE from the Grand Opening and your of Disney’s Riviera Resort #DisneysRivieraResort



79 thoughts on “LIVE from the Grand Opening and your of Disney’s Riviera Resort #DisneysRivieraResort”

  1. Is there a zip line from the balcony to the skyline? Haha

  2. Because there isn’t enough space in that villa. Lol

  3. Yes that’s the best part of the beds on the cruises! I’m so glad they’re bringing it to resorts!

  4. They need to put the raised bed concept in all the resorts

  5. Luis Ramos says:

    Love your gimble lou

  6. They need to provide a step stool for us short people

  7. Luis Ramos says:

    Wait 4 beds in that hotel room? Shut the front door

  8. Yep this is everything!

  9. What’s I the dining closet?

  10. Luis Ramos says:

    Have a drawing you pick names out of a hat.

  11. I think I like this better than Grand Floridian.

  12. Ray Kastner says:

    WDW Radio Nation Retreat!!!!

  13. Yes, a drawing with everyone who is watching.

  14. Mandy Bee says:

    The villa is beautiful

  15. Luis Ramos says:

    Why is everyone whispering

  16. Wow it’s unbelievable!

  17. Luis Ramos says:

    Go back check out the big pool slide

  18. 104 is the lowest points it goes for per night. If you rent at $16 per point, that’s around $1700.

  19. Ray Kastner says:

    Hot Tub Time Machine….DVC Style

  20. Ray Kastner says:

    Someone get me a HOT TUB!

  21. I found what I want for Christmas!

  22. 12 includes living room pull outs or all bedrooms?

  23. Katie Reed says:

    Kaytlin Stubbs Clark Gaines this should be where y’all stay for your honeymoon!!

  24. Luis Ramos says:

    I can stay there. Wait let me hit the lottery first

  25. Ray Kastner says:

    10 in bedrooms….master 2, 2 BR’s with 4 each and a pullout for two more

  26. Next stop Topolino’s? The view is amazing!

  27. Luis Ramos says:

    Is Beci Mahnken invited to?

  28. The grand villa is $3300 per night on 2/16/19

  29. Luis Ramos says:

    Thats insain for that price

  30. If anyone wanted to try to stay there, I would definitely go the route of renting points.

  31. Beci Mahnken says:

    its the resort character meet & greet!!!

  32. That’s why I was happy to get a two person Tower Suite. All the resort amenities without the high price tag.

  33. Beci Mahnken Why are you not touring the hotel?

  34. Beci Mahnken says:

    On today’s episode of “a day in the life of Lou Mongello”……

  35. Will they have heaters outside on the terrace in January?

  36. Luis Ramos says:

    You can see the swan hotel

  37. Do they deliver bread service there?

  38. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Disney World. Feels like another country.

  39. I was just thinking that Amanda.

  40. You can actually see the RR sign at night when you’re in Italy looking past Spaceship Earth

  41. Mary Perdue says:

    This is amazing! We’re planning on a DVC tour later in the month! Can’t wait!

  42. Luis Ramos says:

    Check out that crazy slide

  43. Perfect day to be out there!

  44. Ray Kastner says:

    Lot better view than here in WI…..it snowed last night

  45. Looks like there’s an outdoor grill there.

  46. Mary Perdue says:

    I’ve been watching during my lunch hour. Hope this will be available to watch later — I have to go back to work!

  47. I told my mom about your stream Lou! We’re definitely going to be coming here when I am back home!

  48. Check out the cases on the wall by the hostess stand on the way

  49. Thank you so much lou! This was amazing.

  50. Thanks for taking us along!!

  51. Bye Lou! Great to see you!

  52. Beci Mahnken says:

    Debbie Anderson I will this week… I’m in some meetings today

  53. Thank u Lou merry Christmas

  54. What’s the points for a week

  55. Can I be ur friend I thought I was lol

  56. Lol I used none at Old key west In nov

  57. Is there a fitness center there