/ Wednesday, December 18th, 2019
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WDW Radio LIVE – Holiday Party!



73 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Holiday Party!”

  1. Tonights Mandalorian was the bomb!!

  2. Rachel Novak says:

    Love the Edison! A little loud but very fun!

  3. I’ll do the Edison with you!!

  4. Paul Hoffman says:

    I will be there at the same time!!!

  5. Hal Kussler says:

    OMG we need to have a place to discuss spoilers for Mando

  6. Eddie Kern says:

    Lou…what scene from a movie makes you the most hungry besides the jail scene from goodfellas

  7. I’ll be in Celebration.

  8. Bill Daniel says:

    Heading out….Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

  9. David Potts says:

    Tonight’s mandalorian was really something.

  10. Paul Clark says:

    Merry Christmas, Bill!!

  11. Rachel Novak says:

    Nice! I’ll definitely have to hang with her there

  12. I’m very articulate and I chew with my mouth closed.

  13. Been to the Edison only one time, but we enjoyed it.

  14. Merriest of holidays to the Mongello family.

  15. Jodi Cole says:

    Our box family is the best!

  16. So much fun tonight. Thank Lou and Happy Holidays everyone!

  17. Pamela Bart says:

    A gift of friendship-priceless

  18. Mandalorian spoiler free review….what..he did what…it did what…omg that was amazing!!

  19. Jodi Cole says:

    Got my handshake and hug in Epcot two weeks ago!!!!

  20. Lynn Yaw says:

    Happy Holidays one and all

  21. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Boathouse trip

  22. Terry Gaff says:

    Goodnight everyone. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!

  23. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  24. Jodi Cole says:

    Merry Christmas box family!!!!

  25. Paul Clark says:

    Merry Christmas, Terry!

  26. See Lou you are finishing this off strong!! you’re incredible!!! Making my heart warm each and every day!

  27. Eddie Kern says:

    Merry christmas to the Mongelos! And all the box family

  28. Merry Christmas to one and all….

  29. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all love and hugs!

  30. I’ll be at Disney World the last week of January. I hope I run into some Box friends.

  31. Merry Christmas Lou and Beci and everyone in the Box!

  32. David Dossey says:

    Happy holidays everyone! Remember the reason for the season!

  33. Krissy Vigs says:

    and full of spirits!

  34. Paul Clark says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lou!

  35. Merry Christmas and all other holidays everyone! Thanks for what you do Lou!

  36. Thank you for all you do Lou xoxo

  37. We really Love you guys….truly Family. Thx

  38. Happy holidays to all! Thank you so much Lou and Beci!

  39. Paul Clark says:

    Happy Holidays to my friends in the Box!

  40. Lou you and the box family are our gift. Thank you!

  41. Krissy Vigs says:

    Hoping to make a meet and greet this year Lou!

  42. You are the best Lou Mongello!!!

  43. And to all, a good night.

  44. Merry Christmas everyone! Send a little extra love to those around you this holiday season! 🙂 spread love joy and food together with others!

  45. Happy Holidays WDW Radio Box People Family!

  46. Paul Hoffman says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! Enjoy the holiday season with your family!!! Thank you Lou and Beci for another great year!!!

  47. Blessings to all of you, Box Fam!

  48. Merry Christmas everyone!! Thank you Lou Mongello

  49. Thanks Lou & Beci! Love seeing all my Box Peeps! Merry Christmas!

  50. Every Wed night is so fun since I joined WDW Radio Live because of Lou and all of you. May all your holidays be filled with joy and peace.

  51. In January, it will be 9 years since I got my handshake and a hug!

  52. Jodi Cole says:

    Kelly Freeman we will never forget it!!!

  53. Tammy Orr says:

    I’d like to ride Slinky with Lou

  54. Kim Hazzard says:

    Very happy I discovered you this year. Have a Merry Christmas!

  55. I just bought that same ornament!

  56. Hal Kussler says:

    I had to find the reference it was driving me nuts!

  57. Tom Eckert says:

    Lou come to Nashville. I have 4 restaurants. Let’s pig out

  58. Tom Eckert says:

    My grandma just got baked and ate the cookies.