/ Wednesday, January 15th, 2020
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LIVE from Goofy’s Mystery Tour, a Cast Member trivia and puzzle game through Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Join me as a shadow a team through their game!



88 thoughts on “LIVE from Goofy’s Mystery Tour, a Cast Member trivia and puzzle game through Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Join me as a shadow a team through their game!”

  1. This is very frustrating to watch

  2. Joseph Jones says:

    What’s behind her?

  3. I’ve loved watching that girl on Schitt’s Creek

  4. Dave Jules says:

    Youre killin me Smalls!!

  5. I must confess this is SO much more entertaining than the show that normally runs in that theater…

  6. Lou, you are so patient! I think most folks would have pulled their hair out by now.

  7. Eric W. Kuntz I think I’d be crying and rocking in a corner at this point

  8. Katie Heath says:

    This is like Survivor! Lol

  9. They are cast members they are already winners

  10. Now the just need to join the nation to be champions

  11. Krissy Vigs says:

    I would love to do that! Lou you should set up a WDW Nation Scavenger hunt!

  12. It is so much fun even if you are exhausted!

  13. i nominate myself to be bungeed to terri Rex

  14. Are you doing a just galaxy’s edge one?

  15. Krissy Vigs says:

    Not sure if Lou would agree that right now!

  16. This looks and sounds fun.

  17. Mark Jones says:

    I wonder how much longer this area of the park is going to look like this…

  18. Are y’all having fun?

  19. Is the game just in this area they haven’t went anywhere else

  20. What are y’all doing now?

  21. What are they looking at?

  22. They don’t want to walk lol.

  23. Scott Garcia says:

    Did they solve the advengers question

  24. Joseph Jones says:

    H is in T. rex mouth

  25. Barb Huddleson I have no idea.

  26. Scott Garcia no clue I just joined.

  27. Mark Jones says:

    There are a lot of teams looking rather haggard..

  28. Mark Jones is that a good thing?

  29. Scott Garcia says:

    Your team wins by default because they have you Lou

  30. Mark Jones says:

    They just look beat down from the heat, all that walking and brain strain

  31. That sounds like a fun game I want to come play.

  32. Mark Jones says:

    I think Lou should be able to help for the last 5 minutes…

  33. Mark Jones I think so to.

  34. Scott Garcia says:

    They would win in that much time than.

  35. Exactly where I wish that I was, currently.

  36. Mark Jones says:

    They better enter those answers!!

  37. Does Cast Member mean Lou can’t help?!?

  38. Mark Jones says:

    Correct, he can only observe, which has been frustrating

  39. I pick Lou as my Phone a Friend!!!

  40. Is it open to any cast member no m alter where they work…like cruise line resorts etc

  41. Gotta run. Thanks for sharing, Lou!

  42. The trick is to have Lou as a team member… maybe a Boathouse bribe?

  43. Lol are they still tied together

  44. Mark Jones says:

    So what late night snack are you going to grab now Lou?

  45. Katie Heath says:

    I was wondering that too…

  46. No fizzy lifting drink

  47. But we got to hang with Lou lol

  48. Scott Garcia says:

    That better than any medel

  49. Thanks for doing this for us Lou!

  50. Krissy Vigs says:

    Thanks Lou! That was fun!

  51. Katie Heath says:

    Port Orleans is one of my favs!

  52. Katie Heath says:

    Thanks for this Lou!! So much fun!

  53. That was fun. Can’t wait to hear about your next scavenger hunt Lou Gnite

  54. This was awesome! Thanks for bringing us along!

  55. Man, I missed the end!

  56. To infinity and beyond

  57. This video was fun to watch! I’m on the Clue Crew which organizes the event and writes the trivia and puzzles. I was Hondo Ohnaka wandering around with the aliens tonight.

  58. can retiered cast do this

  59. Jessica Pennell something new!