/ Tuesday, January 21st, 2020
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LIVE resort room tour at Disney’s Riviera Resort #wdwresorts #deliciousdisney



61 thoughts on “LIVE resort room tour at Disney’s Riviera Resort #wdwresorts #deliciousdisney”

  1. If anyone wants to see the rooms, their is also a preview center at Saratoga with full models.

  2. They said Bonjour when we went to Topolino Terrace…so is it French or Italian Riviera?

  3. The studio room was very nice.

  4. Iggy Torres says:

    I’m staying there in April!

  5. Iggy Torres says:

    I have a 5 person room

  6. I missed the opening. it’s a 1 bedroom?

  7. Beatrice, Topolino is half Italian Riviera and half French. And Monaco at the top. The language the waitstaff speak depends on where you’re seated.

  8. Haha 6 people in the king sized bed. Now we know Lou’s other job… creating sleeping quantities on tent boxes

  9. The subtle Disney artwork is great

  10. The studio my friend had was equipped with the split bath which had shower/toilet and the other side tub shower and sink

  11. As long as they speak English, too.

  12. I’m a dvc member,so I might have to try and get a room,when I’m over from the UK this August.

  13. Will you be trying the room service?

  14. Scott Otis says:

    Say hello to Zannaland when you see her!!

  15. Have a pastry for me from the cafe

  16. Interested in AK villas!

  17. The pool area was great along with the lounge area

  18. Maria Thorpe says:

    Wow you are truly living the dream!

  19. Gabby Naldo says:

    Will you be doing the character breakfast as well during your stay?

  20. Lisa DiNoto Glassner thank you!

  21. Bill Daniel says:

    We are staying in May

  22. Ian Chidley says:

    I do like the murphy bed couch combo. Totally want one

  23. so cool! can’t wait to try the skyliner!

  24. This view is even better! hi Lou!

  25. I did too yesterday visiting my friends before they left for home.

  26. Maria Thorpe says:

    So pleased you did and a U.K. friendly time! Yay!

  27. See you in 3 weeks!!! Definitely headed to the Riviera for a tour!

  28. Thanks Lou!! Will be watching the rest!!!

  29. I wish I ate there. I will have to soon.

  30. Kona is one of my favorites

  31. Scott Otis says:

    Love you, brother!

  32. Riviera specific toile!! Impressive!

  33. Yes, I was shocked at how sparing the lobby there was when we were there in Dec.

  34. Have they fixed the Murphy beds?

  35. Kate Wallace says:

    Is that Caribbean beach?

  36. Sorry I missed this Live!!

  37. I’ll be there next week!

  38. Ashley Kent says:

    Karlee Kent this would be like staying in our villa at Old Key West but better!!

  39. can you estimate the walk time to Caribbean (food court) from there ?

  40. It’s beautiful! Enjoy!

  41. It was really exciting to meet you today, Lou!! I hope you had a wonderful afternoon at Riviera!!