/ Thursday, January 23rd, 2020
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Take a quick ride with me aboard the Disney Skyliner #wdwresorts #deliciousdisney #hosted



72 thoughts on “Take a quick ride with me aboard the Disney Skyliner #wdwresorts #deliciousdisney #hosted”

  1. Jeremy Goff says:

    Love me some Skyliner!

  2. Hello from Pittsburgh PA

  3. Mark Jones says:

    And a much better view than the bus!

  4. Kent Nelson says:

    Do you typically have to share a cabin if there is a line?

  5. Oh how fun!! Definitely better than sitting at this desk all day….

  6. We loved these in Dec. It gets pretty high between CBR and Studios.

  7. Jeremy Goff says:

    Yes. They will put parties together in cabins if there are lines.

  8. I have error loading message, anyone else?

  9. Best time to be there! Perfect weather and lower crowds!

  10. Kent Nelson says:

    How many people usually fit in one of the cabins?

  11. We used them during Marathon Weekend, and they weren’t terribly busy.

  12. Jeremy Goff says:

    Everytime coming into a Skyliner station I say “coming in hot!!!!”

  13. Hey Lou. I’ve got a quick minute to join you in the box.

  14. Duane Valure says:

    Haunted mansion for sure

  15. I wish they played music. It is so quiet! A little awkward when you are with other people.

  16. Jeremy Goff says:

    I’ve been in with as many as 8 which starts getting a bit cramped

  17. Krissy Vigs says:

    Hi Lou! Haunted Mansion for sure!

  18. Mickey & Minnie or just Atleast a red one:)

  19. Mark Jones says:

    The Haunted Mansion for me!

  20. wow its actually a pretty big area!

  21. Kent Nelson says:

    So when I am there with my kids, (total party of 6) we would get one to ourselves.

  22. In December I had a stroller that took up half the cab and still fit myself and husband and 4 family members inside!

  23. Jeremy Goff says:

    Kent Nelson With that large of a party I don’t see them putting more people in with you. It could happen but not likely

  24. I was just there for NYE. Looks considerably less busy today!

  25. I like that Moana Wrap!

  26. We completely rearranged our plans for this October so we were at a resort on the skyliner route it was amazing for us

  27. I want to stick around, but I’ve got to run for some errands in my lunch break or I’d watch this while I have my break. Ug! The struggle is real.

  28. Mark Jones says:

    Are the crowds really that light today?? It looks EMPTY!

  29. Kent Nelson says:

    I used to live in Fort Lauderdale and now I live in Northern Utah. Measurable snow on the ground and a balmy 35 degrees outside. These live broadcasts make me want to move back so bad.

  30. its 21 here in Syracuse NY!

  31. Jeremy Goff why does that not surprise me!!!!

  32. any one since it means I am at Disney World!

  33. My husband and I were originally planning to stay at Riverside this April. After I experienced the amazingness that is Disney Skyliner on my last trip, I am planning to stay at either Caribbean Beach or Riviera! It is fantastic!

  34. Gotta go have a great day Lou and everyone

  35. We need a skyliner at the Arsenal Mall!!!

  36. Can’t wait to use this means of exploring & transportation

  37. What a perfect day to be there!

  38. Is it included with Park passes?

  39. That’s Disney, Always thinking of everything

  40. Angela Zizak says:

    I could ride those all day!

  41. Daniel Dod says:

    Can we call these “monowire”?

  42. Angela Zizak says:

    One CM at this hub remembered me from earlier that day…so friendly!

  43. Nope, still cannot ride this one. 🙂

  44. I can not hear the phrase “ sit back, relax and enjoy” in any ones voice but YOURS

  45. Laurie Hays Coleman I cant wait!!

  46. Oh my gosh, I want to go now!

  47. Np Phil says:

    How many more people are going to post videos of the skyline going in all directions. Maby give it a rest.

  48. Oh my gosh! It’s overcast. Perfect day w a coffee in your hand, just enjoying the view!

  49. Donna Kudlas says:

    Did you like the skyliner?

  50. Marla Chan says:

    One of the mode of transportation I will be taking end of next week.

  51. I’m still nervous about getting stuck in one during the hottest part of the summer…please don’t judge me or tell me not to ride, offer some encouraging words of Disney safety precautions instead so that I can feel more at ease

  52. Ricky Kinney says:

    Just rode this for the first time last Friday night. Very nice even though it was very windy. The cross breeze in the cab was amazing. We did stop for a few seconds several times but perhaps that was for wheelchair guests maybe?

  53. Patti Vogt says:

    It looks fantastic!!