/ Wednesday, February 26th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE – Bob Iger Steps Down, and a MAGICal WDW Radio Event Announcement!



58 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Bob Iger Steps Down, and a MAGICal WDW Radio Event Announcement!”

  1. Erin Vieira says:

    Thank you Lou!! We love and appreciate YOU

  2. Good night Lou, good night box fam! Until next week

  3. Thanks, Lou. Love Ya, Box Family.

  4. lou will adventurers club ever make a comeback?

  5. Keep fighting the good fight Mr Mongello. You are a good egg.

  6. Dan Boyle says:

    Thanks Lou!!!! Great episode!!!!!

  7. Mandy Bee says:

    Thank you for the stream! Hope everyone has a great night.

  8. We love you Lou!!! Hugs

  9. Kris Barth says:

    Thanks and love to you too!

  10. Love you, Lou and the whole box. You guys help keep me alive.

  11. Thanks for bringing the joy!

  12. Tim Brown says:

    Thank YOU, Lou!!! Love to the whole damn Box Family!!!

  13. John L Roe says:

    Good night everyone! Love the Box!!!

  14. The feeling is mutual!

  15. Kevin Shea says:

    Thanks Lou – catch up soon!

  16. Tim Brown says:

    CHOOSE THE GOOD… yesyesyes!!

  17. I wish…stupid being a teacher schedule ha

  18. Be safe in your travels, Lou

  19. Jim O'Neil says:

    Even with out you having a podcast you’re the type of guy I would hang out with Lou… (highest compliment I can give)

  20. Come to legoland, I’d like to meet up

  21. Fred Aebli says:

    Back at ya brother!!!! Safe travels!!!!

  22. Missy Nevyn says:

    Beci- hehehe already did that! So excited!

  23. My friend, I’m along with you in this fight!

  24. You’re always here for us so we’re always here for you!

  25. Ryan Shimp says:

    Excellent as always!

  26. Thanks Lou!! You are the best!!

  27. Bill Swan says:

    Goodnight to everyone in the box!

  28. Fred Aebli says:

    Good to go! THANKS LOU!!

  29. Beci Mahnken says:

    To get a price quote for the marvel cruise please go here: wdwradio.com/marvelcruise

  30. Pleasant dreams everyone. See ya real soon.

  31. Missy Nevyn says:

    Thanks so much for putting it all together. Got Laurie my stuff already. Now fingers crossed I can come home for it! Will miss you guys until then!

  32. Happy for Iger…its a stressful job…not so happy for the replacement

  33. Lou needs to rent out an empty studio at Hollywood Studios and do a live show with a live studio audience

  34. Tracy Burch says:

    Board meeting at Boathouse

  35. If we do the Marvel day at sea, that would be our Grand Slam!!

  36. Visiting Jason this week. I enjoyed viewing your live pod cast tonight. Hope Santa Claus will fill everyone’s stockings with your Italy cruise!
    So proud & appreciative you kept your Ash Wednesday ashes on.

  37. Hi Lou! From Tammy Hanes

  38. Yesenia Ruiz says:

    WDW Radio with Lou Mongello

  39. Keith Buczak says:

    Ash Wednesday was yesterday, Lou!

  40. Joseph Rizzo says:

    He could build a VA Disney park