/ Thursday, March 12th, 2020
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Join me LIVE from Walt Disney World to discuss the breaking news of the Walt Disney World Resort parks closing due to Coronavirus/COVID-19



114 thoughts on “LIVE from Walt Disney World to discuss the breaking news of the Walt Disney World Resort parks closing due to Coronavirus/COVID-19”

  1. Sean Croft says:

    I could get down with some boathouse

  2. Beci drinks for everyone! It’s cleansing.

  3. Zac Brown says:

    Thanks for this, Lou! This is what we all needed!

  4. We arrived home last night from 8 days at WDW and the anxiety in the airports was so palpable. I’m so sad for so many people and would hug you all if I could. We’re in a state of emergency here in Massachusetts too so I don’t know what the future holds but I’m happy you’re all here sharing the magic still to help get us all through it.

  5. Beci Mahnken says:

    Bob – can i get take out to Seattle???

  6. Working remotely will be weird to get used to for many of us, but, it’s the way of life right now. We will get through this and we will come back bigger and better than ever!

  7. Hugs and prayers to everyone. Stay safe. We’ll get through this.

  8. Paul Clark says:

    Tomorrow is Friday, too! Fish!!

  9. Derek Dysart says:

    Thanks for this Lou. Needed this

  10. I love you guys! We’re here for each other!

  11. Felicia Ann says:

    The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon decided no new shows until the 30

  12. Dalia Nolan says:

    Sending love to Deanna, Lou, Beci, and everyone! Stay safe, healthy, and calm Box Family! Love you all!!

  13. Is Jason with you! Oh my!

  14. Bill Daniel says:

    This too shall pass like Deanna said

  15. Good night … tomorrow will be a better day

  16. Hugs to you all. Thank you Lou! <3

  17. Disney+ wdwradio binge and chill

  18. Your making me cry god bless

  19. Kenneth Johnson from Mousekemeets!!!

  20. Kristi Brown says:

    Love from the Sanderson Sisters! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!

  21. We appreciate you Lou!!!

  22. Jason Nocera says:

    The box people clubhouse will always be open!

  23. Thank you all for words of comfort. Good to know we can be together without being together. Good for Disney, and stay safe all!

  24. Love you all, stay healthy, and we’ll get each other through this.

  25. Kyle Leubka says:

    We’re going to get through it. We will come out of it, just gotta change life a bit.

  26. We’re all in this together!

  27. Goodnight WDW Radio Box People Family. Stay Safe.

  28. so sad i was coming there march 21

  29. Lou, my family and I are visiting from NJ and we are staying at Beach Club. We just saw you in the DVC billiard room. We just arrived today and staying through Thursday. We’re trying to stay calm and process whats going on. It’s very surreal. I’ll listen to your live video. I’m hoping we will be able to enjoy ourselves despite the circumstances! Feel free to message me back if you would like? Stay positive

  30. Joe Carey says:

    Wait that’s not your office

  31. The PGA has now cancelled too!

  32. Paige Miller says:

    Jeff Isom Mitzie Raley Isom Joel Isom Vicki Beaver Isom

  33. That makes me so sad thinking of the families that THIS is their one trip! Thank you for making it real for us to remember them.

  34. It’s out of control! Madness feed by the media

  35. University of New Orleans has just switched today to online

  36. Parades in the New Orleans area were cancelled also

  37. What happens if you had a reservation at a DVC resort?

  38. Angela Zizak says:

    Keep the Disney spirit going with your podcasts!

  39. I was to come 3-16 to 3-22. I booked Backstage Magic.

  40. Angela Zizak says:

    Facebook live church!

  41. Right there with you. Have a cold. Self-quarantined from my Mom, and her facility is now on lockdown. Visited her outside her window today.

  42. I am so sad about this entire situation

  43. It’s surreal to think that parks will be closed. Even though I am not headed there until September, it makes me really sad. Thanks for going live Lou! It’s nice to be part of this community.

  44. Are dvc points being returned to your account?

  45. Thanks Lou! We appreciate you! Keep videoing for us. Keep it alive!

  46. Thanks for doing this Lou, Becca,
    Deanna et al

  47. Our county is shut down for the next 2 wks.

  48. My trip will be canceled but I take comfort from this community. Thank you Lou

  49. See Lou a bright side… the Boathouse

  50. Krissy Vigs says:

    Thanks for being our rock Deanna

  51. Krissy Vigs says:

    I feel ya Lou. We will make it through as a community

  52. Krissy Vigs says:

    Thanks Lou, Deanna and friends! We all feel the same.

  53. Deanna Testai Mongello, I absolutely adore you! Your words are MAJORLY comforting.

  54. Just checked into a hotel in Tampa tonight and just found out from the front desk!

  55. So are the parks and Disney Springs still open until Sunday?

  56. We are here until Sunday. Are we still good until then?

  57. Thank you Beci Mahnken & your Team!

  58. Barb Willis says:

    The coronavirus is very scary. In NYC, museums and Broadway plays are closing, and the theme park closings emohasize the criticality of this health crisis. Until there’s a vaccine, ,we are living in a science fiction movie where social isolation becomes the norm. Eerie and so sad.

  59. I believe this will give WDW a great amount of time to sanitize. It will reopen bigger and better for all.

  60. Love for our Disney family and cast.

  61. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ

  62. It’s like a snow storm we all get closer. We got this.

  63. Yes Deanna Testai Mongello

  64. Elizabeth’s competition in Tampa is cancelled also

  65. It is so sad. I was the same way and didn’t really understand why it was so sad? My sadness comes from a place of sorrow for those who are there and need to leave and those so have to reschedule trips. My heart goes out to all of them. I hope April 1st time line holds true.

  66. Carol Hanken says:

    Supposed to go May3rd. I’m wondering what travel will be like in May?

  67. Bj Wilkes says:

    Allison Wilkes StClair

  68. Christine Krieger Joyce Butler Weeman Tracy Horn Oun

  69. We are suppose to go in May I hope they are going to be back open. Our trip has been postponed twice for certain reasons so we really don’t want to cancel again.

  70. Alex Ware says:

    This too will pass

  71. Thank you for making this video! How is Deanna doing as a nurse? It is s scary time for everyone and it was so nice to hear you talk through things. Thank you! Be safe WDW friends!

  72. Paige Miller says:

    This was such a good live. Lou I’m so glad you felt compelled to stop and sit down and jump on last night. Very touching, real and informative. I completely understand why you are so affected by the closing. Everyone be safe.

  73. So sad…my heart is broken . You’re speaking for every passionate Disney fan everywhere!

  74. I am glad I am not there

  75. They had to close because us who are awake would have been going to WDW. Can you imagine the crowds? Anyways can’t wait for this to be over so we can come visit. Ask yourself, why is Disney Springs and hotels still open?

  76. Lou is awake, you can tell he’s just doing his job but knows this is so ridiculous by now.

  77. Harry Hope says:

    All these closures are happening to slow down the spread of this virus for which we have no cure. It is the right thing to do. If we don’t slow the spread many more will get sick, and many more will die, and our healthcare system will be overwhelmed.

    Slowing down the spread will give us time to be more prepared, and it will give us more time to find a cure before many more get sick or die. People need to start not just thinking about themselves, but about everyone else who will be affected by the virus, especially the most susceptible, the elderly, and those with already compromised immune systems.

    I feel bad for those who were at Disney trying to have a wonderful vacation, or those who were about to go because it is a, wonderful experience, but this temporary closure is very, very necessary. Well done Disney. Thank you.

  78. Susie Cooper says:

    I am just listening. Not only for you but also I feel calmer after being with you, your wife and friends. Your wife is a gem!!

  79. Susie Cooper says:

    Once again thank you this is wonderful. Blessings and hugs to all. It is the end of the chat and we are laughing. Let’s keep this up.

  80. Susie Cooper says:

    You are Italian, it is good

  81. “Sittin’ Shiva with Lou… ” <3

  82. Hope you & your team will continue to post & go live. We need your enthusiasm of Disney now more then ever! Please, stay with us

  83. Lou Mongello I know this is so late. But I’m dying to know what the house is from behind you. It’s so familiar.

  84. Curtis Bille says:

    Sad, but Disney putting the health of their fans over profit.

  85. Just watching this now. Lou, you help us all. Thanks

  86. Unfortunately it was for the good of all people that go there

  87. Thank you for this video!