/ Wednesday, March 25th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE – Disney is closed… now what? Your questions, call-in, and more!



87 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Disney is closed… now what? Your questions, call-in, and more!”

  1. Take care, Lou. Good to hear your voice!

  2. Paul Hoffman says:

    Thank you all!!! See you same time and same station next week!!!

  3. Goodnight all! Much love

  4. Add me to the Nation please! I’m waiting for approval!

  5. Take care, one and all. Peace

  6. Kerri Babish says:

    Be safe, everyone!

  7. Jeff Fakette says:

    Thank YOU! Be safe

  8. Carrie Zaray says:

    Love to all!! Goodnight!!

  9. Peter Zimmer says:

    Thank you, Lou! You made my day extra special today!! All of this shall pass. It will be emotional for me when I return to Disneyland. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  10. Jodi Rice says:

    Hope to meet you someday

  11. See you all at the Meet of the Month

  12. See ya real soon! Thanks Lou & Beci & all for all you do to bring MAGIC into the world right now!

  13. Beci Mahnken says:

    Virtual Hugs to everyone — Stay Home – Stay Safe!!!

  14. In the words of my 9yo “have a good quarantine!”

  15. Bill Swan says:

    Goodbye Peeps! Stay safe and Healthy!

  16. Thank You, Everybody.

  17. Good night Lou! Hoping you and your family stay safe and are well!

  18. Jodi Rice says:

    Thanks for everything hugs to all!!

  19. Cheers Lou. Off to watch something called Disney+ ! Stay save n well everyone

  20. Faith & Trust & a little….bit…of pixie dust!

  21. Goodnight everyone! Stay safe and be well!

  22. Jodi Rice says:

    I’m always sad when this ends

  23. Beci Mahnken says:

    Have a great night!!! See ya real soon!!

  24. Sean LeGrant says:

    Hello Everyone!!!!

  25. My son is watching the animated Robin Hood beside me!! Haha

  26. Sean LeGrant says:

    Hi from Austin, TX!

  27. Sean LeGrant says:

    Missing Geyser Point, Trails End and California Grill!

  28. Sean LeGrant says:

    Hey Lou! Ready for some Disney talk!

  29. Hi, everyone! This week feels better after the first week of initial panic.

  30. Sean LeGrant says:

    Everyone is special

  31. I never get to watch live so I’m so excited!!!!

  32. Sean LeGrant says:

    We are under shelter in place here in Austin, TX

  33. Sean LeGrant says:

    Always looking for the positive, so enjoying being home with my family!

  34. Sean LeGrant says:

    Interested in the mastermind! Can I get info?

  35. Sean LeGrant says:

    Especially the online

  36. Prayers for your wife and family! I didn’t know she was in healthcare!!

  37. Sean LeGrant says:

    A good friend just had to postpone their wedding.

  38. Hello from the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York

  39. Mississippi in the house

  40. John and Jess running in

  41. Got some bread proofing

  42. My son John says hello mr Lou

  43. We feel Blessed to have this box family in this time thanks to all involved

  44. California Grill sushi

  45. My 11 yo LOVES the Carousel of Progress!!!!! He loves the classic attractions!

  46. Enzo’s Hideaway meatball appetizer!

  47. Love Cat from Outerspace!

  48. I wish they would get the rights to the like 60’s Spider-Man comic episodes!! My son loves those; they were on YouTube and now not

  49. Hi Deanna! Prayers for your safety!!

  50. My son Max is sending you hugs right now!!!

  51. I think you and Tim should go back and update some old Top 10’s since there are new restaurants, new attractions, etc!!!!!

  52. Kevin Hoover says:

    Disney friends are the best friends

  53. Ben Linus, loved to hate him!

  54. Don’t break your glasses!

  55. Kevin Hoover says:

    It’s a Small World It’s a world of laughter a world fears it’s a world of hope and world of tears there’s show much that we share and it’s time we’re aware

  56. It was great to be with fellow fans who get my Disney obsession!! Haha

  57. SC limited to gathering of 3

  58. We will walk on Pooh once again

  59. Kevin Hoover says:

    Faith trust and tons of pixie dust

  60. Kevin Hoover says:

    We need Tinker Bell

  61. Kevin Hoover says:

    Recreate the atmosphere of 50’s Cafe

  62. Kevin Hoover says:

    Disney fireworks are going to make me tear one they start up again

  63. Kevin Hoover says:

    Disney friends are the best people on earth

  64. Watching from the Uk.

  65. Someone gave this to my hubby . , not our names .. but
    Cool , still has tags on it

  66. work from home is slowly crazy hear in nyc

  67. and without childcare

  68. We just watched Waking Sleeping Beauty this afternoon

  69. I’ve been doing this with my son’s friends. Each friend gets to choose each time and we press play at the same time.

  70. Hi this is my first show