/ Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE – Missing Disney, effects, coping, the future, your questions, calls, and more!



68 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Missing Disney, effects, coping, the future, your questions, calls, and more!”

  1. Gonna need someone to mow my new lawn

  2. Hey Lou!! Thank you for having us!! I have been listening and deep cleaning the house

  3. Missy Nevyn says:

    I use zoom for interviews!

  4. Love you, Lou! Thank you so much for sharing the Light in the darkness. Love you all, Box fam! Be safe, everyone. And yes, #choosethegood always!

  5. Krissy Vigs says:

    Thanks Lou for keeping things somewhat normal in this time of uncertainty.

  6. Tina Cairo says:

    Hello and good night everyone

  7. Stay healthy and have a great week everyone. Thanks for the pixie dust Lou!

  8. Stay Positive every one!!! I have no income at the moment but I will still have fun and stay happy!! #MyTwoBoys keep me laughing

  9. Anyone? Community website again, please?

  10. Eddie Kern says:

    Goodnight all. I’m hungry

  11. looking forward to the live meet and the upcoming nation meet

  12. Looking forward to a meetup I can attend since i’m in the NE!

  13. Wdwradio.com/community

  14. Thanks Lou Mongello, love sharing this community with my friends and family!

  15. Sara Michael says:

    Thank you, Lou! We love you!

  16. Jacqui Clark says:

    Since 1973 WDW has been my beacon as it’s been for so many. DPMP alum here. So incredibly sad for everyone. Thank you!

  17. Meg Nodzon says:

    Spread the word but don’t spread the virus!

  18. Tina Cairo says:

    Your the best Lou.

  19. I love you guys! Glad we could all hang out! Wednesday = best day.

  20. Paul Clark says:

    We couldn’t have done it without you, Lou!

  21. Eddie Kern says:

    Golden girls, thank you for being a friend!

  22. Stay safe everyone..as we say here ..stay calm and think of …Disney

  23. Omg now I’m going to weep

  24. Beci Mahnken says:

    (prepping list of things I need form Lou) 🙂

  25. travel down the road and back again

  26. Yes!!! I keep thinking of this song too!

  27. You just want us to all cry on the way out don’t you?

  28. Iggy Torres says:

    Now your going to make me cry!

  29. Ok, now I have my tissues out. Thanks Lou.

  30. Seriously I’m cryinf

  31. Thank you all and thank you, Lou

  32. Jodi Rice says:

    Now I’m crying

  33. We used this for our first dance as husband and wife in 2000!

  34. Don’t do it – well, there I go.

  35. Paul Clark says:

    What I miss most about IllumiNations!!!

  36. …..we go on. Love it ..cheers Lou…night all

  37. Jodi Rice says:

    Love and hugs to all!!!

  38. Hugs to you Terri. Love ya.

  39. Way to tug at the heartstrings!

  40. Good night Lou! Stay safe and be well!

  41. Eddie Kern says:

    I’m not crying you’re crying

  42. Here come the water works

  43. good night all, and stay healthy!

  44. Pete Meno says:

    Thanks Lou, have a great night

  45. Thanks Lou. Stay healthy!

  46. Hugs to all good night

  47. Goodnight everyone!! Thank you Mr. Lou!!

  48. thank you Lou Mongello & Beci Mahnken for ALL that you do!!!

  49. Beci Mahnken says:

    Goodnight everyone. Always here if you need us!

  50. James Hansen says:

    We topped it off with an earthquake today so that’s fun.

  51. Beci Mahnken ….that’s back at ya ..I’m editing my Japan video n pics …so that helps ..and still late to everything . Stay well and safe our Princess

  52. Replay!!! sorry i missed the live!!

  53. Paul Hicks says:

    hi Lou from Cape Cod, thanks for being here talking Disney a` comforting place…

  54. Alex Ware says:

    Lou rocks, so say we all

  55. OMG, I’m watching this at 4am, laughing out loud at the Becky puppet shenanigans… Thanks again, Lou! Very cathartic!