/ Wednesday, April 29th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE – April 29 (take two!) – Disney+ Prop Culture, Top 5 LIVE, and more!



55 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – April 29 (take two!) – Disney+ Prop Culture, Top 5 LIVE, and more!”

  1. It teaches me how much I don’t know about Disney everyday lol

  2. I seem to get the trivia questions wrong EVERY day! But at least I’m learning something

  3. When is the next Meet Of The Month Lou Mongello?!

  4. Iggy Torres says:

    Thanks Lou! I’m Always sharing your stuff

  5. Beci Mahnken says:

    OR EVEN NOW!!!! we are booking 2021

  6. Thanks for the chat!

  7. I want to go with you to eattt at boathouse!!!

  8. Love Lisa’s Core Memory Candles!!

  9. What ? No 20 questions..drat!

  10. Paul Clark says:

    Good Night, Box Family! Stay well!!

  11. Marla Chan says:

    I need to check into 2021.

  12. Maria Thorpe says:

    Bless you Lou, thank you so much for keeping the Disney feelings going during this challenging time! Take care everyone and stay safe xx

  13. Beci Mahnken says:

    2021 is not available to the general public but we can book it now!

  14. Is the mp carpet bag on your eBay sale???

  15. Paul Clark says:

    Good night, Martyn!! Sleep well!

  16. Tammy Orr says:

    Thank you Lou God Bless

  17. Night all and stay safe

  18. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow

  19. Dan Boyle says:

    Thank you for a great night of conversation Lou!

  20. Everyone believe it!

  21. Jeni Owens says:

    Lou, thanks for this community! This place is awesome!

  22. Thanks for another great show Lou!

  23. How far into 2021? Like October?

  24. Enjoyed the info and convo Lou! Thanks – stay safe!!! CHOOSE THE GOOD

  25. Paul Clark says:

    Good night, Maria!

  26. Great big beautiful tomorrow, Shining at the end of every day! 🙂

  27. Goodnight everyone! Stay safe!

  28. Always a good in every day

  29. Jodi Rice says:

    Love to all my box family!!!

  30. Cheers Lou. Stay safe everyone..zzz time….goodnight all

  31. Hope everyone has a magical night!!

  32. Be positive and happy

  33. John Nary says:

    Til the spires and goodnight

  34. Thanks, Lou! Love you all!

  35. Ingrid Rey says:

    Thanks for all that you do, Lou! Now more than ever!!

  36. David Dossey says:

    Thank YOU, Lou! Good night everyone!

  37. Bill Swan says:

    Keep safe and healthy box peeps!

  38. Thanks Lou, thanks Beci. Night all!

  39. So glad to be part of tonight.

  40. Thank-you everyone! Thanks, Lou!!

  41. Beci Mahnken says:

    Have a great night everyone!!!!! see ya real soon

  42. Beci Mahnken says:

    Mooootserelle!!!!! great. im hungry now

  43. Thanks Lou & Beci…See ya all next time, Box Family!

  44. Goodnight Amanda Bauner!

  45. Tommy C Ftdv says:

    Japan is Amazing!!!!

  46. Okay so as soon as I signed off Lou Mongello app was working fine….so I was right it was all my fault…. dang it that means I have to go back to working Wednesday nights

  47. But I heard something about Italy trip what the what Beci Mahnken um hello I need this in my life