/ Wednesday, May 20th, 2020
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LIVE video walkthfough from the Grand Re-Opening of Disney Springs



66 thoughts on “LIVE video walkthfough from the Grand Re-Opening of Disney Springs”

  1. David Dossey says:

    I’m enjoying hearing about the loud guy’s social media following….

  2. See y’all tonight WDW Radio Box People Family at 7:30pm ET!

  3. He’s coming for your job, Lou!

  4. Thanks so much Lou!!! It was awesome to see all those happy faces we know are under their masks

  5. Have a wonderful day Lou!

  6. Maria Thorpe says:

    Haha haha he’s so funny!

  7. He’s giving the lowdown on all of the lines LOL

  8. David Dossey says:

    That may be your (loud) competition, Lou!

  9. David Turner says:

    I love loud people on their cell phones, lol.

  10. Erin King says:

    I know. Right??? Blabber mouth

  11. omg too funny, let’s just listen to dude talk for a while

  12. Invite him to cohost tonight

  13. Jeremy Saada says:

    Tell him the mask only muffles a tiny bit of his voice! People in the UK can hear him!

  14. Pamela Smith says:

    You’ve just quieted my anxiety by seeing this.

  15. Maria Locke says:

    Love the boathouse x

  16. Thanks Lou!! I needed this

  17. Thanks for the walk through Lou!! I was hoping to see how things are going there at the 5th gate.

  18. I’m already crying

  19. Lisa Tango says:

    Watching your Livestream makes me want to be back down there so bad!! We still have a curfew in Jersey 🙁

  20. Paige Miller says:

    Second time I’ve been in this parking garage today! Virtually speaking!

  21. Paige Miller says:

    I know you are over the moon!

  22. Love Saratoga Springs!!!

  23. Paige Miller says:

    Kelli Mobley Paugh

  24. Paige Miller says:

    Melissa Richardson Wieand

  25. Paige Miller says:

    Tori Junes Fowler

  26. Paige Miller says:

    This is so great to see!

  27. Thank you. I’ve been so homesick

  28. Paige Miller says:

    Just when you thought Disney couldn’t get any cleaner.

  29. Lou’s fav place – Boathouse!

  30. Carl DiVita says:

    Thanks so much fir the videos

  31. Good morning from across the pond x

  32. Lissa Camarena Disney Springs just opened today

  33. Paige Miller says:

    Feeling the love.

  34. Diane Wood says:

    Hi from Diane in Devon Uk

  35. Noelia Ramos Rosas llegamos a Disney Springs

  36. I can’t believe anyone would risk their lives going to Disney and I have been going to Disney since 1980: also a DVC member. Distancing guides…..instructions on the ground…..do you really think in 90 degree weather people will wear their masks and I ask you “instructions on the ground”? Who will see them at night or pay attention to them during the day. Too many people to keep under control. Good luck people, suggestion: wait a year.

  37. So excited about LuLomon!

  38. This makes me happy!! Just seeing a little more normal- and the music !

  39. Thanks for the tour!!!

  40. I haven’t been called back yet. I’m looking forward to returning to my job at Disney Springs.

  41. Thanks for doing this!!!

  42. Thank you for doing this! My daughter and I were feeling all the feels with you!

  43. Beth McLeod says:

    Even if you hadn’t said it, and we couldn’t see it, we could hear the smile in your voice and it made me so happy!

  44. Hi Lou.. need to meet up someday!

  45. My hubby goes every day to work at Disney and it’s killing me that I can’t go

  46. Susan Bundy says:

    Happy to see this

  47. Ana Kurland says:

    Oh how I miss it all. 4 Rivers!

  48. 4 rivers as in the restaurant? We have one here. Is it any good? I haven’t tried it.

  49. Ana Kurland says:

    Ana Garcia-Quevedo I used to love it, but it’s been years.

  50. Lou I am enjoying this so much. I didn’t have a chance until now to sit and watch this, but I’m still getting all the feels