/ Wednesday, May 13th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE Disney Springs Reopening, Top Five LIVE, Your questions, calls, and more!



46 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE Disney Springs Reopening, Top Five LIVE, Your questions, calls, and more!”

  1. Will Box Night next week include some Disney Springs time?

  2. Food tour with Lou and lounge with Beci

  3. It’s the best “clubhouse” out there. All the cool kids are here ready for a handshake and a hug!

  4. Already planning a trip to go get my neice and nephew from Maine to take to wdw for the first time, and listen to nothing but podcasts for the way there. Makes my day.

  5. Eddie Kern says:


  6. Another good night. Thanks Lou!!!

  7. You definitely are a great influence!

  8. Paul Hoffman says:

    Good night all!!! Please stay safe!!!

  9. Good night everyone!!!

  10. Terry Gaff says:

    I missed the early part. Did you mention Italy?

  11. Tim Brown says:

    Night Box Family!!!!

  12. Thanks Lou! Stay safe and healthy everyone. Enjoy Disney Springs for those of us who can go.

  13. Jeremy Goff says:

    Goodnight guys. Love you all!

  14. Maria Thorpe says:

    Thanks Lou, as always, bringing Disney magic into our day! Take care everyone xx

  15. Oh, you just made me so happy!

  16. Iggy Torres says:

    I’ll be there too

  17. rub it in, I will be there July 20

  18. Kasey Cross says:

    Yay for Disney Springs!

  19. Zzz time.. goodnight and stay safe everyone

  20. Night Peeps!! Everybody take care and stay safe!

  21. John Lange says:

    Goodnight Box People!

  22. Goodnight WDW Radio Box Family!

  23. Night everyone. Thank you Lou and Beci!

  24. Be safe everyone!! Good night!!

  25. Great show Lou! Thank you!

  26. Ah! I forgot about tonight and just caught the end. Lol. Next week!!

  27. Maria Thorpe says:

    Night Martyn, sleep well

  28. Thank you Lou hugs to you and everyone

  29. Bye lou, beci and box people

  30. Maria Thorpe and you.

  31. Good night all! Love you guys!

  32. Yay! Thanks Lou & Beci! See ya real soon!

  33. Iggy Torres says:

    I missed most of it. I’ll hVe to watch the replay

  34. Beci Mahnken says:

    I mis hanging with you!!!

  35. Paul Clark says:

    Stay well, Lou, Beci and Box Family!!!

  36. Beci Mahnken says:

    See you all again next week, which will likely feel like two days ago. Nite All!!!!

  37. Great Show This Evening! Thank You Lou..!