/ Wednesday, May 20th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE video from the Grand Re-Opening night in Disney Springs



53 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE video from the Grand Re-Opening night in Disney Springs”

  1. A perfect way to end the day, thanks Lou and friends.

  2. I’m with Jason and Lisa! World Showcase <3

  3. Tom Nolan says:

    It was so nice seeing this! Finally something to smile about…

  4. I don’t know why, but you guys saying this with that music in the background

  5. I need to hang out with Jason and Lisa…World Showcase!

  6. Main Street USA and World Showcase

  7. Sweaty hugs Lou Mongello YES!

  8. Main Street all the way!!,

  9. Tina Cairo says:

    I get emotional when I see the castle

  10. I agree.. the quiet places with water & breeze

  11. Bill Swan says:

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Magic Kingdom how I miss it

  13. I can’t wait to see World Of Disney!

  14. Thank you everyone!

  15. Mel Pick says:

    Maybe not with that blue!

  16. Good night all, thank you Lou

  17. Core Memory Candles until we return!

  18. Paul Clark says:

    Stay well and safe home!!

  19. Tammy Orr says:

    We understand!!

  20. Dan Boyle says:

    Thanks for an amazing day today Lou!!!!

  21. Kevin Cooper says:

    Thanks again all!! Coming in July!! Can’t wait!!

  22. Good night everyone. Drive safely Lisa

  23. Amanda Panda says:

    Good night box family

  24. Erin Vieira says:

    They have been great to me!!!

  25. Kevin Brown says:

    Weare did City Walk 2night. Disney Springs soon

  26. Beci Mahnken says:

    Thanks for the love! hope everyone has a great wednesday and we will all be together in Disney soon!!!!

  27. Hello all from Nashville !

  28. Glad you all had fun!!! I’ll be there Sunday just hanging by myself but that’s exactly what I need right now

  29. Kevin Nelson says:

    Evening. Do we know what the occupancy limit is and whether it has been reached tonight?

  30. Aww. You all are making me tear up. I miss it. It will more than a year for me.

  31. Woohoo! This is so exciting to see! Hello from Oregon… wish we were there too! Thank you for sharing!

  32. Kris Banas says:

    I hope the mask thing will not be mandatory in September!

  33. Sam Bitter says:

    Go Lou Go!!! Thanks for letting me be there

  34. Lis Coté says:

    Huge difference in positive direction rather than negative. Can’t wait to get back to my home!!!