/ Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE – Walt Disney World Reopening, Top Five LIVE, and more!



58 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Walt Disney World Reopening, Top Five LIVE, and more!”

  1. Great night as usual!!

  2. You are the good I choose today Lou

  3. QUESTION: How to walk around the park Eating and Wearing a MASK?

  4. Jim Hart says:

    Lou thank you so much!! This hour means so much!!

  5. Count your blessings not your problems

  6. What about food carts through parks and the mask rule

  7. Nick Maddron says:

    Absolutely on point!

  8. My accommodations need to match my passes

  9. Have a good evening all! G’night

  10. Tina Irons says:

    Mouse fan travel is amazing!!!!

  11. Same… I’m totally against this mask thing btw.

  12. Thank you Lou! Can’t wait to get back to my happy place

  13. Great show! Thanks Lou!

  14. Beci Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel is amazing!

  15. Beci Mahnken says:

    and feel free to reach out to me personally!!! Im happy to help

  16. Thank you Lou… and Beci?

  17. Iggy Torres says:

    See you there Lou

  18. Thank you Lou for a wealth of information and hope

  19. Anyone have an answer? How to eat and walk around with food plus wearing a mask?

  20. Thanks for chatting with us Lou!!! Can’t wait to see you again!

  21. Chuck, are you the Chuck that has been on the podcasts in the past?

  22. David Dossey says:

    Thanks for the positivity, Lou!

  23. Take care everyone!

  24. Good night all, stay safe. Thanks Lou!

  25. Beci Mahnken says:

    we will look back on this time … with lots of stories.

  26. Thank you Lou..and box family ..goodnight and love u all

  27. Have a good night guys! Stay healthy. Thanks Lou

  28. Kristi Brown says:

    You do the same for us Lou!

  29. Thanks Lou! Goodnight Box Family!

  30. Beci Mahnken do you have a phone number I can contact?

  31. Beci Mahnken do you have a phone number I can contact you?

  32. Mel Pick says:

    Live soon pls!

  33. I love you all! Goodnight!

  34. Hope to see you IN the parks soon!!

  35. Ryan Block says:

    You take the mask off to eat or drink

  36. Ingrid Rey says:

    Goodnight!! Thanks!

  37. Kelly Lawrence sit down and eat?

  38. You are allowed to take your mask off for a sip/bite and put it back on again.

  39. thanks all — have a great night!

  40. Beci Mahnken says:

    Hang in there everyone… 🙂

  41. Sorry I missed the live. I wasn’t notified boo hoo. Thank goodness for replay

  42. That was interesting the resorts opening early

  43. I was happy to be at Disney Springs as well it was so nice to be back

  44. Jeff Stevens says:

    Welcome Home everyone

  45. Awesome show! Well stated Lou!

  46. Thank you Lou! I enjoyed your show

  47. Kirsten Ann McCarthy