/ Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE – What’s New on Disney+, Top Five LIVE, Mystery Giveaway & more!



53 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – What’s New on Disney+, Top Five LIVE, Mystery Giveaway & more!”

  1. Loved listening to them!

  2. Zac Brown says:

    LOVED the show this week!

  3. I’m on episode 3 of prop culture

  4. Love your discussion with Dan. Was really awesome.

  5. I have a feeling his “Holy Grails” are hard to come by since he mentioned who has them on your show!

  6. Kris Banas says:

    Have a great night all!!

  7. Could you imagine watching a conversation between Dan and Adam Savage. The prop stories would never end.

  8. 20 questions..that’s what your forgetting…and my sleep

  9. Dan Boyle says:

    Lou! You ending early tonight? Means more time for D+! Thank you????!!!!

  10. Erin Vieira says:

    Great show!! Thank you for keeping us all going w great content in these days!!!

  11. Thanks Lou & Beci… we appreciate you! Big Hugs to our MEI Mouse Fan Friends for all they do especially on this Appreciation Day!

  12. take care of yourself, you can do that for me hugs

  13. take care, everybody….We are Family…We are Strong

  14. Good night everyone be safe

  15. Thank-you! You all are so appreciated!

  16. Go bake the radiology nurses cookies mongello. Nurses week!

  17. Love you guys – goodnight!

  18. Thanks, Lou and goodnight to all in the box!

  19. Kevin Shea says:

    Thank you Lou for all that you do

  20. Iggy Torres says:

    Needed this Disney dose. Thanks Lou.

  21. Jeremy Goff says:

    Love you guys! Thanks for another fun get together Lou. See ya soon!

  22. Love you guys !!! Stay safe happy and healthy

  23. Beci Mahnken says:

    If you have any questions about our groups or events — dont hesitate to FB message me! Im always happy to help with any questions on Disney, Or all other travel related questions. 🙂

  24. Love you all thank you Lou

  25. Thanks so much Lou. Good night all.

  26. David Dossey says:

    Good night everyone! Thanks for the positivity! Gonna go watch Prop Culture now!

  27. Zzz time ..thanks for tonight…see ya all next week ..whenever that is

  28. Bill Swan says:

    Salute out to all of nurses in the Box!

  29. Erin Vieira says:

    n appreciate you all!! Night!!!

  30. Good Night Box Peeps Friends! See ya real soon!

  31. Dan Boyle says:

    Goodnight Lou and friends!!!!

  32. Thank you for a great show.

  33. Thanks Beci & Lou

  34. Have a good one buddy!

  35. Love you too Lou Mongello!

  36. Zac Brown says:

    Thanks for tonight, Lou!

  37. Maria Thorpe says:

    Thanks Lou, this community is me ‘choosing the good’! Stay safe everyone

  38. Rich McNanna says:

    Keeping me sane, Lou

  39. Paul Clark says:

    Stay well to you and your family, Lou, and all our Box Family!! Good night, All!

  40. Pamela Bart says:

    TY-you help us all

  41. Night all! I think Muppets Prop Culture is calling my name right now

  42. Maria Thorpe says:

    Night Martyn, please do shout if there is anything I can do to help

  43. Is this Jeremy Goff on the closing music?

  44. Beci Mahnken says:

    Have a great rest of your week!!! Nite all!!!

  45. Jeremy Goff says:

    No it’s not me

  46. Jodi Rice says:

    Good night and have a wonderful wonderful week/ weekend

  47. Jim Mason says:

    I’d be interested in Nick Cage “National Treasure” as an episode of Prop Culture