/ Friday, June 26th, 2020
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LIVE video from Disney’s Polynesian Resort! My first time back at a Walt Disney World Resort!!!



115 thoughts on “LIVE video from Disney’s Polynesian Resort! My first time back at a Walt Disney World Resort!!!”

  1. Thank you for sharing. It warms our heart.

  2. Jeremy Saada says:

    Thank you Lou!! Really appreciate this and all you do for us!! Aloha

  3. Thanks Lou. Don’t get bit!

  4. Sarah McCraw says:

    Thank you, Lou! Aloha!

  5. Thank you Lou. I needed this today.

  6. Maria Thorpe says:

    So pleased I was able to join this, thank you so much Lou, you are a true star! Xx

  7. This was wonderful! Mahalo!

  8. Fred Aebli says:

    Thank you Lou Mongello!!!!

  9. Thanks Lou! Great stuff for a Friday. Enjoy lunch – I am sure it will beat my turkey sandwich:)

  10. This makes me tear up a little bit!

  11. Beci Mahnken says:

    taste all the food!!!!

  12. I’ll take one of everything please

  13. Thank you Lou! ENJOY LUNCH!

  14. Thanks, Lou! Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  15. Maria Thorpe says:

    Amazing start to the weekend!

  16. Beci Mahnken says:

    havea pot sticker for me

  17. I can almost smell it

  18. Thanks for the glimpse of the Poly!

  19. Shea Bri says:

    Poly is a great place to start when coming back to Disney

  20. Can’t wait to be there in November!!

  21. Beci Mahnken says:

    Have a great weekend everyone – I cant wait to see you again soon!!!

  22. Pam Curtis says:

    Thanks Lou! Have been at Old key west this week… it was quiet, but a great time…

  23. Favorite. Place. Ever.

  24. So fun. Can’t wait to go back

  25. Do you need a reservation to go to the Polynesian? Or can we go and have a drink at the bar without reservations?

  26. Sara Scott says:

    Sally Smith Scott

  27. Didi Marie says:

    Hearing this music again makes my heart soar!

  28. I can smell this video

  29. Woo hoo! We have reservations here for October and can’t wait… As long as things get better.

  30. Lonnie Ballesteros thank you! I can’t wait to stay here in October! ( As long as it is safe at that point)

  31. Amanda Panda says:

    No reservation needed to eat or drink

  32. I can too! My husband is cutting the grass which definitely makes it realistic

  33. Hey, that’s my HOME (resort)! Can’t wait to get back there with my family!

  34. I could just cry now, I’m missing it so much

  35. Sandy Armetta yeah sandy you must be getting excited

  36. Tina Ullman says:

    Staying there next May for first time!

  37. Poly or wilderness lodge

  38. This will always be my favorite resort!

  39. Keith Souder says:

    Can’t serve alcohol governor suspended liquor temporarily.

  40. Andy Weinrib says:

    Didn’t know resort is open

  41. Andy Weinrib says:

    Why spend the money to be there and no parks open

  42. DAnn Lea says:

    are they doing renovations now, do you know?

  43. Marie Nicole says:

    This made my day!!!!

  44. We had reservations for mid July but had to cancel because we did not have theme park tickets yet.

  45. Bill Hillyer says:

    Hi Lou Looks beautiful

  46. Such a beautiful site! I cannot wait to be back there!

  47. Is Trader Sam’s closed? I know Florida recently closed bars.

  48. And Wilderness Lodge!

  49. I miss seeing families rushing off to the monorail to get to MK or other parks!

  50. I love this music loop

  51. Tina Kies says:

    Some day I hope to be able to stay there!

  52. Jody Pauly says:

    Miss the sound of all the boats….

  53. Kathy Barry says:

    Hi Lou! Welcome Home!

  54. I miss getting on the

  55. I can smell the lobby

  56. Justin Walls says:

    Had no idea about the Poly “smell” till I stayed there in Jan. Boy it’s a thing! And it’s amazing

  57. I am almost crying just watching

  58. The poly is my happy place!!! Visit there every trip!!!

  59. The Orange Bird tease! Got back and get him!

  60. one of my favorite resorts

  61. Thanks for showing the Castle!

  62. Wish I were there! Thank you!!

  63. Thank you °o°!!! magical

  64. Is the poly open for guests?

  65. Colleen White Poole Patty White Malitsky Alyssa Rose

  66. I miss my walks through the parks just to get steps in.

  67. We do too Lou, one of our favorite places.

  68. It is hot toda with heat index 106 right now….stay out of the sun! 🙂

  69. Greg Heilman says:

    My wife and I watched this last night. At one point, we looked at each other and had the biggest smiles on our faces. We NEEDED this. Thanks so much. I miss this so so much.

  70. Sheri Kitsis says:

    Aloha! I wish I was there. I miss it!

  71. Terry White-Long Ahhhhh!

  72. So sad to see Ohana empty.

  73. Bryan Housel says:

    This kinda choked me up a little. The music, and all the views. But The pools out front (and the water fall in the lobby back in the day) were my absolute favorite views for years when we’d first arrive at the Poly. It was our home away from home every year on our trip to WDW. Thank you for sharing.

  74. My second home I miss it so much

  75. Really missing this place!!!

  76. Nix Cooper says:

    Any news on wether the renovations will still go ahead ?

  77. Alex Ware says:

    Lou for President

  78. Alex Ware says:

    I miss Port Orleans

  79. I knew I would be emotional watching this, but I didn’t expect to cry as much as I did. Thank you for sharing this with us Lou Mongello.

  80. Next best thing, thanks to you and your family for doing this!