/ Wednesday, June 10th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE Disneyland Reopening, Top Five LIVE, Baby Yoda Giveaway, and more!



61 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE Disneyland Reopening, Top Five LIVE, Baby Yoda Giveaway, and more!”

  1. Kevin Shea says:

    Thanks Lou for all that you do Lou!

  2. We dismantled our COVID tent today! It’s getting better

  3. Jeremy Goff says:

    Love to you and your family and to all of my Box Family!

  4. Jodi Cole says:

    Kindness is magic

  5. Good night everyone!

  6. Thank you Lou & Beci & all our friends for being the GOOD in my world.

  7. Hal Kussler says:

    Lou is contagious =) <3

  8. Jodi Rice says:

    Praying for an air conditioning repair for you!!

  9. Goodnight everyone!! Lou thanks as always man

  10. Tina Cairo says:

    Your awesome Lou

  11. zzz time..always got time for your upbeat messages so thanks Lou..night all

  12. Kevin Cooper says:

    Have a great evening all!

  13. Beci Mahnken says:

    Staying positive is what is getting me through —

  14. Thank You Lou Mongello! Have A Magical Night!

  15. Night all, stay safe and see ya next box night

  16. Thanks, Lou. Goodnight Box Family

  17. John Nary says:

    Bye lou til the spires and see ya real

  18. Erin King says:

    Good night everyone. Be safe and well!

  19. Thank you Lou for the show

  20. Goodnight all – until next time 🙂

  21. Awesome show Lou! Have a great noght!

  22. Chuck Munson says:

    Thanks for all you do Lou! Good night everyone!

  23. Dorene Dixon says:

    Thank you and goodnight Lou and box people

  24. Jim Orehosky says:

    Good night Box Peeps!

  25. David Dossey says:

    Thanks Box family!

  26. Thanks Lou! Thank you Beci! Have a good night everyone!

  27. Eddie Kern says:

    Let’s do this again next week

  28. Beci Mahnken says:

    HapHave a great week eveyone!!!!!!! I love this Ohana!!!!!

  29. Goodnight Princess Beci Mahnken!

  30. Paul Clark says:

    Good night, Martyn! You get to bed early tonight. 😉

  31. Goodnight Stuart Sternberg!

  32. Eddie Kern says:

    Man, this music hits the spot

  33. Chris Branch says:

    What a sale!? Thanks Lou! Boathouse on me!

  34. Hi from America’s hometown!

  35. Since I don’t Do Instagram and couldn’t win the Baby Yoda, I went and bought myself one!

  36. I’m getting my first grandchild this fall, so my return to Disney will have to wait!

  37. Love your closing message, Lou. And thank you for bringing attention to the importance of using TRAVEL AGENTS! So grateful for that.

  38. Krissy Vigs says:

    You’re from NJ Lou, You can’t be afraid of clowns!!! We love that slide!

  39. Totally agree with your #1

  40. Good morning from the uk

  41. Can I get in on the contest.?

  42. me I do please everyone I’m hete

  43. I want to get in on the contest

  44. I want to be a top fan

  45. Please make me a top fan!

  46. And let me join the contest.!

  47. I want to meet the staff and the characters,and want to become friends with them.!

  48. Congrats on your grandchild.!

  49. Mom and I are only 2 days from Disney land orlando.!

  50. My favorite pool is the pool at All Star Movie Resort. Why? Because it is the only place my boys let us stay. We always had to be in the Buzz area as Joe called it. He is 25 now and still has his Buzz and Woody from when he was 2. Now I get to try other hotels with my now two year old. Boardwalk is on my list