/ Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE Top Five LIVE, Contest, Your Calls and Questions



65 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE Top Five LIVE, Contest, Your Calls and Questions”

  1. Jim Hart says:

    Lou these Wednesday nights that we get to spend together are so important. I look forward to them every week

  2. Take care, be well, and find joy! So happy to have spent tonight here with you

  3. Jodi Rice says:

    Always so sad when the evening ends

  4. Dan Boyle says:

    Thanks so so much Lou! Good night all!!!

  5. Terry Gaff says:

    Love to Beci and Stephanie (our MEI agent)!!!

  6. Mark Jones says:

    Have a great evening everyone! See you on After Hours tomorrow night!

  7. Goodnight Lou Mongello! Thank You for being my friend!

  8. Krissy Vigs says:

    Thanks Lou! Ohana

  9. Thank you Lou! Thank you Beci! Have a good night everyone!

  10. Bill Daniel says:

    Remember to listen and become a better human being!

  11. Good night everyone. Good night table 20.

  12. Stay safe everyone! We go on!

  13. Choose Humanity! Choose Good!

  14. I love this group!!

  15. I’m choosing my bed now..cheers Lou ..night all

  16. Bill Daniel says:

    Thanks and love to all

  17. Just what I needed tonight!!!

  18. Dorene Dixon says:

    We love you too Lou

  19. This is with out a doubt the best day of the week, thanks Lou and talk you everyone next week

  20. Beci Mahnken says:

    my thought — you totally ghosted Italy

  21. Jim Smith says:

    Amen! Take care folks!

  22. Build bridges, not walls

  23. Fred Aebli says:

    G’night everyone! #choosethegood

  24. Roy Wilson says:

    Thanks for all you do

  25. Goodnight WDW Radio Box People Family! Have A Magical Night!

  26. Goodnight Everybody. Stay Happy.

  27. Jodi Rice says:

    See you all next week!!

  28. Sorry I had to take a call that went way longer then I thought

  29. Did I miss anything good?

  30. Beci Mahnken says:

    Good nite everyone! Enjoy your week!!!!! see ya soon

  31. Awww good night guys

  32. Eddie Kern says:

    Choose the good. Choose the food

  33. Everything was good….watch the replay.

  34. Maria Thorpe ..night

  35. Beci Mahnken says:

    crystal – he reinstated you as running your site… no he didnt but it sounded good

  36. Goodnight Lisa DiNoto Glassner!

  37. Darlene..good night

  38. Goodnight Deanna Testai Mongello!

  39. Beci Mahnken thank you!

  40. Night all. Stay healthy

  41. Hugs have a good night and week everyone

  42. Lou . . Italian here too – huggers all around my family! Hug to all!

  43. Food is good in Mexico – very well done

  44. Germany is good too , yes

  45. The gazebo in UK is nic when the band is playing

  46. Food was not that good at morocco

  47. Italy is beautiful! Been there 6 times, Lou — love it

  48. all the best, Lou! Life will get back to normal someday . . . soon!

  49. Good night Lou – all the best to you and yours. Stay safe

  50. Mark Leslie says:

    Hi everybody from Michigan

  51. Jim Rapsas says:

    Lots to talk about tonight!!