/ Wednesday, June 24th, 2020
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WDW Radio LIVE What’s New(s) in WDW, Top Five LIVE, Your Questions, Calls, and more!



57 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE What’s New(s) in WDW, Top Five LIVE, Your Questions, Calls, and more!”

  1. Jeremy Goff says:

    G’night all! Love you guys!

  2. Now we just need a VR walk through with lous audio tour!

  3. Zenimation is awesome on Disney plus, I just watched all 10 again

  4. New Muppet show and Hamilton coming in July to Disney+

  5. Paul Hoffman says:

    Good night all. Have a save week!!!

  6. Terry Gaff says:

    Thank you and good night all.

  7. Loved the Disney+ episode! Have enjoyed watching stuff with Walt

  8. Night all, stay safe and see you real soon!!

  9. Thanks Lou for all you do bring the magic to us

  10. Beci Mahnken says:

    Thank you so much and if you have any questions during this crazy time with WDW reservations —
    just PM me here on facebook!!

  11. Bill Swan says:

    Goodnight to my WDW Radio friends!

  12. Always choose the good

  13. Dave Vigon says:

    Thanks Lou. Goodnight all

  14. Carrie Zaray says:

    Thank you Lou!!! Goodnight all!

  15. Amanda Bauner so excited for Hamilton

  16. Chose the Good is my Facebook header picture.

  17. Luis Ramos says:

    Lou you brought the music back

  18. Jason Canapp says:

    Really? We should talk. I don’t think I’m seeing what you’re seeing.

  19. Thank you for another night of keeping the magic alive

  20. Krissy Vigs says:

    Thanks Lou! Good night Box People.

  21. Lisa DiNoto Glassner we just placed our first order for some scents! Can’t wait to light up main st, bright suns, and jambo house!

  22. Jodi Rice says:

    Bless you Lou and your family for blessings all of us!!!

  23. You can go take care of you 😉

  24. Goodnight everyone. Stay healthy

  25. Guess the neighborhood Chicago fireworks will have to do for now

  26. Eric Ring says:

    We saw Hamilton in Philadelphia… It was amazing. Can’t wait.

  27. Paul Clark says:

    Good night, Lou, Beci and Box Friends!

  28. pack your patience you local annual passholders

  29. Good night friendlies

  30. Does anyone know why I’m rejected by the FB box people group?

  31. goodnight everyone! thank you Lou!

  32. Jason Canapp you know where to find me

  33. Eddie Kern says:

    Can we keep the box open with the tunes and just chill?

  34. Eric Ring says:

    Hi Terri Stinson Daugherty

  35. LOVE, love love this song!!!

  36. Goodnight Jason Canapp!

  37. Goodnight Terri Stinson Daugherty!

  38. Kevin Cooper says:

    Does he have a Spotify playlist?

  39. Jason Canapp says:

    I don’t think Floridians are allowed in Canada anymore?!?

  40. Love you… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  41. Please share who is playing this song!!?!?!?!?

  42. Jason Canapp says:

    Goodnight, Caleb Joshua Hill!

  43. The Canadian border is shutdown in general

  44. Jason Canapp LoL soon no one from the USA will be

  45. Beci Mahnken says:

    Have a great week everyone! and PM me if we can be of any help!

    Happy Wednesday and cant wait for the Nation call!

  46. Ingrid Rey says:

    I made it early!! For the first time ever!

  47. Beauty and the beast stage show didn’t even make the list???????

  48. Sorry you missed the mark on some of these for me.

  49. Carol posted she got her callback. She’ll be performing st the British Gazebo instead of R&C